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Graveyard: More Terrifying Than Stephen King - Because It's True! | Ed Warren, Lorrainne Warren
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The authors of The Haunted recount horrifying stories about a centuries-old Connecticut graveyard, including the tale of the murderer who put his victim's body in a sink hole and watched as the body rose up and revealed itself. Reprint.
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Graveyard: True Haunting from an Old New England Cemetery | Ed Warren, Lorraine Warren, Robert David Chase

This was a fun and creepy book to read. Most of it has to be taken with a grain of salt. It's ideal for a late night read to give one the willies, but it should be read no differently than a Stephen King book. Too much within its pages is too farfetched to be real. Very entertaining and a page turner.

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I just looked up more information on the River Styx cemetery. It was built in 1820 as a pioneer burial area. The mausoleum was constructed to store bodies of those who died during winter months when the ground was frozen too hard to dig their grave. So now I know a bit more about it.

mjdowens It is very cool. 2y
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I might sound a little weird but I love walking around cemeteries. So peaceful. I like looking at all the tombstones. This is my favorite. A couch. With throw pillows. The parents names are on one pillow and the kids on the other one. I laid a book on it since every couch needs a book. I asked their permission first. ( I also talk to the people in the graves ). I‘m not weird.

No_One That‘s quite beautiful. The book looks like it was always there. 2y
mjdowens I love walking around cemeteries. There are some really beautiful ones. My kids always thought it was weird for me to go walk around different ones. I always told them it‘s the living ones you need to worry about. 2y
britt_brooke I love this. 💚 I love walking around cemeteries, too. Some are so beautiful. 2y
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Melwilk I find cemeteries fascinating. We generally check out at least one on any vacation. 2y
Suet624 What a wonderful gravestone. 2y
Kaye @mjdowens @britt_brooke @melwilk Im glad to know there are others that find cemeteries interesting. I take my grandson up once in awhile too. I want him to be comfortable with going since that‘s where I‘ll be. I told him to bring up his checkers game and sit it on my grave. I also told him he can come talk to me whenever he wants. I hope he finds peace when he comes up to visit me. 2y
mjdowens That is so nice❤️. 2y
TheWordJar I also find cemeteries peaceful. They are places of rest, after all. What a beautiful gravestone, and what a wonderful sentiment you're sharing with your grandson. 2y
Kaye Thanks @TheWordJar ..I started babysitting him when he was a newborn and he has spent a lot of his growing up years here, so he‘s like my Pal. He‘s 15 now. (edited) 2y
kylienoele I feel the same way!! They're so peaceful and the architecture of some of the tombs and designs of the gravestones are neat to look at. 2y
Kaye That‘s true , @kylienoele . It‘s interesting to see what designs some people use or the sayings they put on them. I‘d like something colorful written on mine but not sure what. (edited) 2y
HelloImJez Oh, I love doing this too, there was a cute little cemetery (never thought I'd call a cemetery cute) near where I used to work that I'd walk through on my way home and peer at the graves. There's something so calming about cemeteries for me (at least in the day time there is!) 2y
Kaye @HelloImJez Some of the smaller ones are really cute. I like the little country ones with the old creaky black fences. Maybe I‘ll go out and take some photos at that one. I wouldn‘t be afraid there at night or in the daytime. I believe in ghosts but most of them hem are harmless. 2y
HelloImJez @Kaye That would be cool, graves and such are so interesting. Definitely a bit of a strange way for us to honour the dead, compared to the rest of the animal kingdom. 2y
Kaye Yea, there‘s a lot of the hoopla I‘m not planning on having when I croak. No music, no viewing. Morbid. Why do people say They Look So Good ? They. Are. Dead. Toss one flower on my box. No fancy speeches. If you have something to say, say it now. And no clergymen. I could have Billy Graham and the Pope praying for my soul, but I figure my elevator is going down. Someone toss some marshmallows in for me, will you ? I might need them. @HelloImJez 2y
HelloImJez @Kaye I looooove "Ask A Mortician" on YouTube! Definitely check her out if you're interested in death and what goes on "behind the scenes" as a mortician, she has boundless information and it makes death seem a lot less scary. 2y
Kaye @HelloImJez I‘m not afraid at all. I‘m one of those people who was at death‘s doorstep. Saw the white lights..watched the doctors and nurses all around my bed working on me, from up above. They had called my husband in and he was standing by the door. The Crash Cart was at the end of the bed. Not a scary feeling. More a feeling of total peace. No worries, no pain.. Just silence and peace. It‘ll be ok. ✨ 2y
rustoryhuf As a child, I used to go with my mother to decorate graves in an old country graveyard. To this day, I love old graveyards as does my daughter. She‘s carrying the tradition to the next generation. 2y
Kaye That‘s nice @rustoryhuf I‘ve read books about Southern people who used to take picnics to the cemetery and work on cleaning up the graves of their relatives. I thought that was a nice tradition. 2y
Gina I have done this since I was a teenager. Graveyards are history and an expression of sculpture art to the ones we loved. In Europe they use Graveyards like we use parks. They are spectacular 2y
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