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Please Don't Feed the Mayor
Please Don't Feed the Mayor | Sue Pethick
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When the lumber mill closes, laying off most everyone in Fossett, Oregon, Melanie MacDonald plans to revitalize her beloved but beleaguered homestead by running her border collie Shep in Fossetts mayoral race . . . Shep wins by a landslide. A lover of democracy and dog treats, Shep is rapidly earning the goodwill of Fossetts citizens. Tourists are streaming in and everyone wants to glad-paw the new mayor. Suddenly Melanie and Shep are media darlings, with requests for interviews, game shows, and personal appearances through the roof. But theres trouble in paradise. Determined to win back his former wife, Bryce MacDonald discovers a rival in tabloid reporter Chad Cameron, whos in Fossett to dig up dirt on Melanie and Shep. He finds a willing co-conspirator in the malcontent who lost the election. Hounded by the press and desperate to head off a potential dog-napping, Melanie unwittingly puts herself in danger. Shep comes to the rescue, proving his mettle to save his faithful human at the risk of his own life . . . and new political career. Acclaim for Sue Pethicks Pet Friendly Quirky and endearing . . . This is a light, heartwarming read perfect for a wintry afternoon at home or a sunny beach vacation. RT Book Reviews, 4 Stars
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This was an adorable book. Shep will try to save the town by running for mayor. There are some obstacles along the way. Full of romance, some colorful townspeople, and my favorite, fainting goats.(There is such a thing I looked them up) 😜 A light, fun, quick read. 😊