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Redeeming Administration
Redeeming Administration: 12 Spiritual Habits for Catholic Leaders in Parishes, Schools, Religious Communities, and Other Institutions | Ann M. Garrido
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Ann Garrido's 2009 article in America magazine on the spirituality of administration in Catholic settings created a wave of demand in this successful academic administrator's already full speaking schedule. Now she brings together twelve spiritual habits--each illuminated by the story of a Catholic saint--that help administrators find spiritual meaning in their work. Ann Garrido admits that she sometimes finds administration draining, even boring, as it fractures her days into "tiny shards of time" that make it impossible to focus on "the big ideas." And yet Garrido has found spiritual gifts in her many years as a theologian, parish minister, and administrator in higher education. In "Redeeming Administration," she reveals those gifts by examining twelve spiritual habits--presenting a saint who embodies each habit--and showing readers how to experience their administrative work as a crucial ministry of the Church.
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Careful thinking about the spirituality of administration is just one of the gifts Garrido offers #Catholic leaders. She identifies and reflects on 12 habits administration calls us to. Among the list are both the expected (trust, integrity, breadth of vision) and the surprising (humor, agape, embracing death). For each habit she also identifies a spiritual companion from the Church‘s history who embodies that particular aspect of administration.