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Moonlight Ocean
Moonlight Ocean | Elizabeth Golding
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Shine the magic flashlights to find the nighttime creatures and follow their midnight adventures under the sea. Discover your favorite fish, whales and more! Look out for hidden surprises along the way"--P. [4] of cover.
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Moonlight Ocean | Elizabeth Golding
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So it looks like my little guy might not lose his finger tip after all. The tip was pink, so blood is getting there, and if it doesn't lose color, he gets to keep it forever. We have to keep his hand bandaged like this until the stiches come out next week. In the meantime, #SRP has officially started. He and sis were "reading" these Moonlight books earlier, and I read them to them later on. They were passed down from big brother and a hit!

SleepyDragon Moonlight Ocean is the one pictured. Sis was reading Moonlight Animals, which she called "the owl book." These books are fantastic. My sister (a teacher) bought them for my oldest years ago, and he loved them as well. Each page is a picture, and you use a paper flashlight to find the hidden wildlife. It's a great concept and an awesome introduction to nonfiction science books. Probably best around 1st grade level. 6mo
Texreader I sure hope little guy recovers 100 percent! 6mo
SleepyDragon @Texreader Thank you. The odds have greatly improved in the last two days, so I'm hopeful he will. 6mo
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Crazeedi So good to hear this news! Hes a trooper!!😍 6mo
CouronneDhiver Kids are resilient... I‘m so pleased to hear he‘ll, most likely, be fine. Thank heavens! 6mo
Caroline2 Ahhh bless him! I hope he had a quick recovery and his fingers heals ok. 💖 6mo
SW-T Hope his recovery goes well! 6mo
JacqMac Whew! Yay for pink! 6mo
BookwormM Healing wishes for him that bandage doesn‘t look comfy bless him 6mo
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