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The Tunnel
The Tunnel | Dorothy Richardson
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The Tunnel is the fourth volume in Dorothy Richardsons novel series Pilgrimage. The series, set in the years 1893-1912, chronicles the life of Miriam Henderson, a New Woman rejecting the Victorian ideals of femininity and domesticity in favour of a modern life of independence. In addition to the formal and stylistic innovations in The Tunnel, its attention to womens experience of modernity is groundbreaking. It chronicles Miriams working day as a dental receptionist and her forays into the public space of cafs, city streets, and political and intellectual talks. Richardson matches her focus on Miriams consciousness with remarkable detail, giving the narrative a powerful realism. Contemporary reviews (including those by Virginia Woolf and Katherine Mansfield), personal letters, and Richardsons essays on modernism, feminism, and aesthetics place this important novel in context.
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The Tunnel | Dorothy Richardson
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I am moving. Again. I have been in my current rent-stabilized apartment only since Feb 2018, but it turned out to be a sh*thole--persistent pest problems and water damage in the kitchen wall with the paint bubbling and festering for 5 months. The management company only fixed it after I filed a complaint with the city. But, I won a housing lottery and am moving to a rent-stabilized unit in a brand new luxury building next week! #GimmeShelter

Liz_M The tagged book is relevant because I was reading it at the same time I was looking at the new apartment and the novel opens with the main character viewing/moving into a rented room. 6mo
Theaelizabet Congratulations on your new digs! 6mo
BarbaraBB Moving again, That‘s quite a challenge. But the good thing is that you can arrange your books again 😉. Wishing you lots of happy times in the new place 💚🍀 6mo
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RidgewayGirl Good luck with the move, that all will go smoothly. May you enjoy many happy years in your new digs. 6mo
Liz_M @Theaelizabet Thank you! 6mo
Liz_M @RidgewayGirl It could be much worse -- I'm only moving two miles; not between two countries. 😁 6mo
Liz_M @BarbaraBB Yes, moving IN, finding the exact whatsit for the new space, and getting everything arranged will be fun. I do realize I owe you a pic of my nyrb shelves when they are unpacked. 😁 6mo
Liz_M Oh! I forgot to add that this post was brought to you courtesy of the new Web App: www.litsy.com 6mo
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