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Meeting Life
Meeting Life: Writings and Talks on Finding Your Path Without Retreating from Society | Jiddu Krishnamurti
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In this fascinating collection culled from teachings never before brought together in book form, Krishnamurti offers wise reflections and fresh perceptions on love, politics, society, death, self-censorship, relationships, solitude, meditation, spiritual growth, and much more. Through provocative meditations and in-depth answers, Krishnamurti answers such timeless questions as: What is meditation? What are love and loneliness? What should our relationship to authority really be? Meeting Life also features a number of Krishnamurti's talks, delivered in Switzerland, India, England, and California, Here is the profound wisdom of a beloved teacher who moved millions with his words. This thought-provoking and inspirational volume will provide strength and encouragement to anyone searching for insight.
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#wimeetup @Kshakal @JenReadsAlot any of them work better?

Kshakal @BethM @JenReadsAlot only the 23rd works for me now 4y
JenReadsAlot I can still do all those. @KLyn1 can you come? 4y
MrsGreen Oo I‘m in WI! Do you always meet in Madison? 4y
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BethM @MrsGreen yes! It seems to be easier for our north western folks to get to. 4y
MrsGreen @BethM Ok. I‘m that direction too but still over 3 hours for me. Thanks for answering! 4y
BethM @MrsGreen where are you? There may be some ppl you could car pool with if you‘re interested. 4y
MrsGreen @BethM an hour East of Eau Claire 4y
BethM @Kshakal is @MrsGreen in your path? 4y
Kshakal @BethM I think so... I am horrible with directions... lol @MrsGreen what town do you live in?? 4y
KLyn1 @JenReadsAlot - I think that the 23rd at Noon might work for me... 4y
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