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Blackout: A Pete Fernandez Mystery | Alex Segura
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ONE OF THE MOST ANTICIPATED CRIME, MYSTERY, AND THRILLERS OF 2018 LitHub ONE OF THE THE BIGGEST MYSTERY AND THRILLERS OF SPRING 2018 BookBub ONE OF THE MOST ANTICIPATED BOOKS OF 2018 MysteryPeople "A series not to be missed. -Megan Abbott In Blackout, the latest novel in Alex Seguras acclaimed Pete Fernandez Mystery series, startling new evidence in a cold case that's haunted Pete drags the exiled PI back to his hometown of Miami. But as Pete and his partner Kathy Bentley delve deeper into the unsolved murder, they become entangled in Miamis obsession with a charismatic and dangerous cult leader and his even more menacing followers. At the same time, the detectives find themselves at odds with a Florida politicians fixation on wealth, fame and power. It all converges in the heart of the Magic City and Pete is left scrambling to pick up the piecesor die trying. The Pete Fernandez novels have always run on two tracks the long-buried Miami mystery that Pete is forced to solve, and Petes often unpredictable evolution from self-destructive alcoholic to somewhat functional private eye. In Blackout, those two tracks blend into one dark, personal and deadly tale of dangerous obsession that will leave Pete Fernandez completely changed. Its all been building to this.
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Well, it‘s been a crazy time here in NWLA. Friday early morning we had a severe thunderstorm that knocked out power to almost 300k customers. Ours went out about 1:30 AM. Our temps have been in the mid-90s and humidity upwards of 80%, mostly sunny but with additional storms popping up. Thanks to herculean effort by utility crews, many from other areas, our neighborhood came back up Saturday night, but our street didn‘t. Continued 👇🏻

ravenlee We finally got power back yesterday around 12:30 PM, or about 83 hours later. We lost everything in our fridge/freezer, we spent one night with friends (who lost power during another storm that night but got it back the next morning) and another at a hotel. The cat was ok but not great, but #DannyBoy is feeling friendly and frisky again. We‘re very happy to be in our own home again, with lights and air conditioning! 8mo
ravenlee I did actually get some reading done, because we had to be as sloth-like as possible to avoid heat exhaustion. Reviews to come later today. Trying to get back to normal this week, while a lot of our area is still without power. 8mo
bookishbitch So sorry to hear! Being without power is rough. 8mo
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Ruthiella Glad you are back home and got at least some reading done. Poor kitty. They really don‘t like that kind of upheaval. 😻 8mo
Suet624 I‘m so sorry to hear and really glad you‘re back home. 8mo
Lindy Sounds rough. Glad to hear you are safely home. 🌻 8mo
ravenlee Thank you @bookishbitch @Suet624 @Lindy it was certainly an adventure! 8mo
ravenlee Thanks @Ruthiella kiddo and I had an ongoing fight about the cat - he was going to come to the hotel with us, then he was going to boarding once they had power, and she wanted him with us but I had to balance the stress for him being in a hotel…luckily we avoided all of it but man, it was a challenge. 8mo
Slajaunie Whew! Sorry that happened! The sky keeps threatening thunderstorms but none yet. We need the rain. Thibodaux, LA 8mo
GingerAntics I‘m so glad you guys have power back! I hope you guys can make it through until you can replace the stuff in the fridge and freezer. 8mo
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This saying always makes me laugh. Cubans literally call foldouts that because pin-pan-pun is literally the sound it makes when unfolding during the 3 steps 😂

tournevis Makes perfect sense! 6y
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