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Odd Type Writers
Odd Type Writers: From Joyce and Dickens to Wharton and Welty, the Obsessive Habits and Quirky Tec hniques of Great Authors | Celia Blue Johnson
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Every great writer has a unique way of setting a story to paper. And, it turns out, many of these writers used methods that were just as inventive as the works they produced. Odd Type Writers explores the quirky writing habits of renowned authors, including Truman Capote, Ernest Hemingway, and Alexandre Dumas, among many others. * To meet his deadline for The Hunchback of Notre Dame, Victor Hugo placed himself under strict house arrest, locking up all of his clothes and wearing nothing but a large gray shawl until he finished the book. * Virginia Woolf used purple ink for love letters, diary entries, and to pen her acclaimed novel Mrs. Dalloway. Also, in her twenties, she preferred to write while standing up. * Friedrich Schiller kept a drawer full of rotten apples in his study. According to his wife, he couldnt work without that pungent odor wafting into his nose. * Eudora Welty evaluated her work with scissors handy. If anything needed to be moved, she cut it right out of the page. Then shed use pins to put the section in its new place. In Odd Type Writers, youll find out why James Joyce wrote in crayon, what Edgar Allan Poes cat was doing on his shoulder, why Vladimir Nabokov had to keep his feet wet, and the other peculiar tools and eccentric methods used to compose some of the greatest works of all time.
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I love reading about the creative lives of writers, and this was a fun little book to relax with over morning coffee. It‘s short, with lots of interesting details about the habits and quirks of famous authors we all love.

A couple of fun tidbits
* Isaac Asimov could type 90-100 words per minute
* Alexandre Dumas was so prolific, he produced 300+ volumes of work in his lifetime
* Sir Walter Scott preferred to write in motion...often on horseback!

JoScho Welcome to Litsy!!! I hope you love it 💕 2y
rather_be_reading brb hve to buy this rn! 2y
Nute Welcome to Litsy! I know that you will love it here. 2y
Vertabrain @Nute Thanks so much!! I love it already. 💕 2y
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