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The Girl on the Midway Stage
The Girl on the Midway Stage: A Novel of Love, Ambition and Scandal at the 1893 Chicago World's Fair | DeAnna Cameron
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A scandal that shocks a nation... A passion that transforms a woman... Young bride Dora Chambers can't wait to begin her new life in Chicago. It's an exciting time, with the 1893 World's Fair putting a kaleidoscope of new inventions, new cultures, and new ideas on display. Unfortunately, those aren't the only things on display. The Egyptian belly dancers' performances are stirring up a scandal, and the distasteful task of enforcing proper conduct on them has fallen to Dora as part of her initiation into the Fair's prestigious Board of Lady Managers. Dora's sensibilities, however, are not so easily flustered by the dancers. She finds herself captivated by these exotic women, and by their enigmatic manager, Hossam Farouk, who makes his mistrust of her known-although his lingering glances hint at something else. As Dora's eyes are opened to the world beyond her own, she finds the courage to break free of her life of social expectations and self-imposed bondage, and discovers the truth about the desire and passion in her heart. *** This title was formerly published by Berkley/Penguin Random House as THE BELLY DANCER ***
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We did it! We hit the halfway point! So many prize winners announced this hour! Check to see if you won (and don‘t forget to look at past check in posts for your name - still lots of unclaimed prizes up for grabs.) Are you still going strong as we head into day 2? #24in48

allthingskayla If you won and submitted a prize claim form, will you get a confirmation of what prize you would get out of the 3 options? And if it is a galley, is it an e-galley or a physical gallery that will be mailed? 6mo
24in48 @allthingskayla No email confirmation. And it will be a physical galley. Most people get their first choices though. 6mo
allthingskayla @24in48 Okay awesome. I can go cancel my preorder of what I chose as my first choice. 😊 Thanks for answering my question. Actually, one more question. How long does it take to get the galley? 😀 6mo
24in48 @allthingskayla It depends on the publisher, since they send it directly. (And on how quickly your hosts recover from readathon week 😝) 6mo
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