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Hooray for Me!
Hooray for Me! | Remy Charlip, Lilian Moore
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Explores an individual's relationship to family, friends, and even pets.
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Hooray for Me! | Remy Charlip, Lilian Moore
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Christmas came early for me! We were supposed to leave for PA today to visit my in-laws, my very least favorite thing to do. Instead we are getting lots of snow so I get to spend the day in front of the wood stove reading and drinking tea! And because we‘re getting ice tomorrow, we‘re not going to PA at all! (No offense to PA, it‘s just my in-laws I don‘t like.) 😀❄️🍵📚🔥

Hoopiefoot Yay! Glad it worked out for you 😊 6y
AmyG A Christmas miracle! ;) 6y
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802Librarian @AmyG It really is! Every year I joke that I want snow so I don‘t have to travel, so my wish has to come true sometime 😊 6y
ericarobynreads Stay warm!! 😁 6y
Suet624 😂😂😂😂 6y
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Hooray for Me! | Remy Charlip, Lilian Moore
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Hooray For Me is a great fiction book for a kindergarten class. It's bright, vivid, and the text is actually worked into the art, helping to keep kid's focus. It has rhyming text, which can be used in class to discuss the relationships between family, friends, neighbors, even pets! This would work well with ELL 4 and UDL 9.3. childcarelounge.com/general-themes/i-am-special.php #ucflae3413f17

ChelseaPerez I adore the illustration ! I also love the idea of the words being a part of the illustration! 6y
DrSpalding Looks like a good book! Be sure to elaborate a bit on your EL/UDL principles. 6y
juliek1 @DrSpalding I believe UDL 9.3 would be applicable in that it promotes self-assessment and reflection - and the book promotes a student's thinking about and reflecting on their own families and relations. EL Strat 4 has you linking the lesson's topic to students' prior knowledge, which in this case would be their understanding of relationships, be it their own or even their pet's. 6y
DrSpalding Much much better! 6y
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