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Agincourt 1415
Agincourt 1415: Field of Blood | Barry Renfrew
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On 25 October 1415, a trapped and vastly outnumbered force of exhausted and demoralized English archers and men-at-arms faced a colossal army of French knights on a desolate field in northern France. What took place that day became one of the greatest moments of the Hundred Years War and English history. Based on chronicles of the times, Agincourt 1415: Field of Blood is a dramatic, minute-by-minute retelling of the battle as seen through the eyes of the commanders and soldiers on both sides. This is a brutal, bloody and captivating retelling of a major British victory written by a Pulitzer Price finalist This work sets a new standard for historical fiction.
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Ending my day with a little more #blameitonLitsy #bookmail, thanks to a recommendation from @LectricSheep

One of the things I love about Litsy is the vast knowledge of all things bookish. I may never have heard of this book if it weren't for this community and that would be tragic. (and no, this Gemini has never been accused of being overdramatic 🤣)

CoverToCoverGirl I need to read this one like.. now! Thanks for sharing. 🤓 3y
mjdowens Damn! I gotta have this one too. 3y
LectricSheep How is it?! 3y
DGRachel @LectricSheep I just got it in the mail, so I haven't cracked it open yet. I have a few library I have to read first, but I'll post a review as soon as I can. I'm really excited about it - in case that hasn't come across. 😂 3y
Andrew65 This most definitely looks interesting! 3y
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