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Leaving Church
Leaving Church: A Memoir of Faith | Barbara Brown Taylor
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This beautiful book is rich with wit and humanness and honesty and loving detail.I cannot overstate how liberating and transforming I have found Leaving Church to be. Frederick Buechner, author of Beyond Words This is an astonishing book. . . . Taylor is a better writer than LaMott and a better theologian than Norris. In a word, she is the best there is. Living Church Barbara Brown Taylor, once hailed as one of Americas most effective and beloved preachers, eloquently tells the moving and delightful story of her search to find an authentic way of being Christianeven when it meant giving up her pulpit. The eBook includes a special excerpt from Barbara Brown Taylor's Learning to Walk in the Dark.
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Leaving Church: A Memoir of Faith | Barbara Brown Taylor
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First of several spiritual biographies from the author. I really enjoyed her story personally as I am in a bit of a shifting season. It could relate to her at times and was encouraged even in places I couldn‘t directly relate. Well written and thought out. Enjoyable. Thoughtful.

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Leaving Church: A Memoir of Faith | Barbara Brown Taylor
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One of my goals for this year is to figure what role faith plays on my life. A lot of what I grew up with stopped making sense but every now and then I feel something pull me back. There's a lot I have no desire to return to but there is some treasure among the ruins I might be interested in. All that to say, I'm looking for spiritual memoirs to help me process. Any recommendations? My background is Christianity but I'm open to anything 🙂

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Caterina Also I've heard good things about Kathleen Norris, but I haven't read her stuff yet. 7y
Iindseyo @Caterina I read this one a few years ago (when I was more religious) and loved it then. Curious if it would have the same impact now ☺️ 7y
Iindseyo @Caterina ooh, I'll have to check her out! 7y
Iindseyo @raelaschoenherr I've heard of that one but never picked it up. Maybe now is the time 🙂 7y
frankincense_and_sensibility I really love Lauren Winner's books, especially Mudhouse Sabbath, which is about spiritual practices that are tied to Judaism and Christianity combined with stories of Winner's own journey. 7y
underthebelljar Not a memoir, but still worth a look is The Heart of Christianity. I was very grateful to find and read this book when I did. 7y
underthebelljar Also maybe Living Buddha, Living Christ might be of interest. A bit more of a memoir and also a comparison between Buddhism and Christianity from a Buddhist monk's perspective. 7y
Lmstraubie I love anything by Anne Lamott. Much of what she writes is about her life and how her God fits into. She is heartfelt and inspiring. 7y
CocoReads I echo the Anne Lamont recommendation 7y
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