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Law in a Lawless Land
Law in a Lawless Land: Diary of a Limpieza in Colombia | Michael Taussig
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A modern nation in a state of total disorder, Colombia is an international flashpointwracked by more than half a century of civil war, political conflict, and drug-trade related violencedespite a multibillion dollar American commitment that makes it the third-largest recipient of U.S. foreign aid. Law in a Lawless Land offers a rare and penetrating insight into the nature of Colombia's present peril. In a nuanced account of the human consequences of a disintegrating state, anthropologist Michael Taussig chronicles two weeks in a small town in Colombia's Cauca Valley taken over by paramilitaries that brazenly assassinate adolescent gang members. Armed with automatic weapons and computer-generated lists of names and photographs, the paramilitaries have the tacit support of the police and even many of the desperate townspeople, who are seeking any solution to the crushing uncertainty of violence in their lives. Concentrating on everyday experience, Taussig forces readers to confront a kind of terror to which they have become numb and complacent. "If you want to know what it is like to live in a country where the state has disintegrated, this moving book by an anthropologist well known for his writings on murderous Colombia will tell you."Eric Hobsbawm
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May 2 #OldCoolBooks PROMPT: TOME

I think this is the thickest book in my collection, measuring in just under 4 & 1/2 inches wide. It‘s the briefs, transcripts, and even exhibits (like the warehouse receipt above) from an appeals case my grandfather argued in 1943. It even has some of his handwriting in it and it smells a little like the cigars many of the other old guys smoked.

C.Perone Very cool! 2y
Linsy Beautiful book, and filled with your family‘s history. That‘s a treasure!!! 💛 2y
ReadZenRites Thank you @C.Perone and @Linsy 😊 2y
BookNAround Very cool! 2y
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