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You Belong to Me
You Belong to Me | Johanna Lindsey
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In all the world, no man exists who can tame Alexandra Rubilov. A fiery and beautiful free-thinker, Alex's steadfast refusal to marry has frustrated her hapless father. And so he creates a "long-forgotten" agreement and sends his rebellious daughter away, ly maintaining that Alexandra has been promised since childhood to the handsome, insufferable libertine whom she must now accompany to his homeland to wed. Dismayed to find himself suddenly engaged, Count Vasili Petroff plans to repulse his unwanted fiancee by acting the perfect cad, unaware that wily Alexandra plans to follow a similar path. But the road to deception is a rocky one and its many unexpected turns can lead two reluctant companions to a most unanticipated destination: that place called passionate love.
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You Belong to Me | Johanna Lindsey
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The first romance I ever read was You Belong to Me...and I was hooked! Johanna Lindsey was an amazing author that was the epitome of classic romance. I‘ve read every one of her books and always looked forward to her next release, these are some of my favorites. She will be so missed.

Jas16 Oh no. I hadn‘t heard. So sad. 4w
CoverToCoverGirl Very sad news indeed. I enjoyed many a book by her. My first, which is still in my library was (edited) 4w
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You Belong to Me | Johanna Lindsey
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It's -20F here. Having my coffee staring at the frozen tundra which is currently my back yard. Perfect time to tag your favorite #ArcticReads #hashtaggames
@AuthorEliseManion @PagesByTheWater @hes7 @LitsyHappenings @wanderinglynn @Traci1 @ErinSueG @Chelseabillups30

Traci1 Something about this picture brings to mind Game of Thrones. 😊 12mo
wanderinglynn Wow! I can‘t comprehend how cold that is. 🥶 One winter setting book that‘s on my TBR is 12mo
TheBookKeepers I enjoyed this fantasy book and it has a great wintery setting! 12mo
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hes7 Wow! That‘s cold and snowy! I love 12mo
dreadamara @TheBookKeepers ooh, I love fairytale adaptations! 😍 12mo
dreadamara @hes7 next week they said the windchill will be -40. That's damn cold even for northern Illinois! 12mo
AuthorEliseManion @dreadamara Oh I love Johanna Lindsey! And, damn, that‘s cold Girl! ❄️☃️🥶 12mo
dreadamara @AuthorEliseManion this was my absolute favorite of hers and then the Mallory novels 12mo
Chelseabillups30 @dreadamara, I feel like I should know this better because I‘m in Michigan and the temp is about 17°.....but alas Goodreads tells me I should give another vote to and move that up in my TBR stack! 12mo
AuthorEliseManion @dreadamara I haven‘t read this one in a long while. So long, in fact, I own the paperback! All of the Mallorys are amazing. A Loving Scoundrel is one of my all-time favorites 😊 12mo
LitsyHappenings Sorry we didn‘t get to this sooner! Also, one of us would respond: 12mo
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You Belong to Me | Johanna Lindsey
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Book: You Belong To Me (Johanna Lindsey)
Author: Malala Yousafzai (I Am Malala: the girl who stood up for education and was shot be the taliban)
Movie: The Young Victoria (2009)
Food: yams 😋
#manicmonday #letterY @JoScho

JoScho 💜💜💜 12mo
aliasNayNay Book: you Can‘t Hide
Author: Samantha Young
Movie: You Only Live Twice 007
Food: Yogurt
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