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Slade House | David Mitchell
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A wickedly fun time. I enjoyed "Cloud Atlas" but I LOVED "Slade House." As inventive as "Atlas" with a storyline that rocked and shocked my world. Do yourself a favor, find a cozy lacuna and curl up with this book. The joy it brings will sustain you for exactly nine years. ?

jessicarenee I loved this one! 4y
Bookstorecats I can't believe you didn't mention how terrifying this book is! A must read, but I wouldn't read right before bed. #nightmareinducing 4y
todd @Bookstorecats - super terrifying and not a good one to read on a stressful week...like the week leading up to BEA ;) 4y
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jcgoody So what do you think about Bone Clocks then? From what I understand, Slade House ties in directly to BC. Cloud Atlas was a freaking master piece, though. One of the very best. 🤘🤘🖖 4y
todd @jcgoody - I'd like to re-read "Cloud Atlas." I remember being a bit lost at times as it jumped around. Slade was easier for me to follow. Have yet to read "Bone Clocks" but am now very curious how it relates to SH. Thanks for sharing that! 4y
Readasaurus_rex Definitely read Bone Clocks!!! I really liked Cloud Atlas but Bone Clocks blew me away 😍 3y
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