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Lisa and Lottie | Erich Kstner
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I'm a little late for this #MoviesInApril prompt, but I couldn't miss the chance to gush about the charming little book that inspired #TheParentTrap! Our leading ladies are curly-haired Lisa from Vienna and braid-wearing Lottie from Munich who meet at summer camp and discover they‘re identical twins. I love both film versions, but I love the book more, and I keep two copies- just in case something happens to one! 😆

Klou Perfect!!! 13mo
eeclayton This was the first book I remember reading on my own, so it'll always have a special place in my heart ☺️ 13mo
Andrea313 @eeclayton I love that! What a great memory. ❤️ 13mo
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The Twins | J.S. Lark
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Thanks to growing up with #SweetValley & #TheParentTrap, I just cannot pass up a twin story! Here, identical twins Susan & Sarah are inseparable throughout their childhood- adolescence & young love drives a wedge between them. When the book opens, the sisters are abruptly reunited after decades apart. What follows is both sides throughout their present and pasts- full of drama, surprises & plenty of hardship! A juicy read- ripe for discussion!

JenlovesJT47 I agree about Sweet Valley and the Parent Trap! I just finished a really good book this morning about twins — 1y
TorieStorieS @JenlovesJT47 I loved that one too!! I am always looking for new twin stories!! 🤣 1y
JenlovesJT47 Awesome! Do you have any other recommendations? 1y
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TorieStorieS @JenlovesJT47 I actually have a goodreads shelf just for twin stories! Did you read 1y
TorieStorieS @JenlovesJT47 Are there any other titles you recommend? 1y
JenlovesJT47 I‘m going to check in the morning! I haven‘t read Dead Ringer yet but heard it‘s good. I‘m currently reading through the entire SVH series for the first time. I have a huge collection! 🤓😬 1y
TorieStorieS @JenlovesJT47 Soo fun!! What book are you on now? I have fond memories of racing to the bookstore for the latest titles! ☺️☺️☺️ 1y
JenlovesJT47 I‘m towards the end, at 129, plus have a few super editions to read. 1y
TorieStorieS @JenlovesJT47 Have you read the secret diaries?? I loved those!! 1y
JenlovesJT47 Yes! I just finished volume 2 of Jessica. Still have to read Liz‘s then volume 3. I always loved these and the sagas growing up! 1y
TorieStorieS @JenlovesJT47 I am so excited you‘re also such a fan!! The sagas are excellent too! Though I must admit the Confidential was pretty much trash!! 1y
JenlovesJT47 Yes! SV Confidential was like a spitwad lobbed at the fans. She didn‘t even get her facts straight! But I absolutely loved the six mini books which they ended up releasing as one eventually, The Sweet Life. Not stellar writing but so much fun! I‘m looking forward to reading the SVU series for the first time once I finish the regular series and Senior Year (which I love!). If you want to see my reviews check out this hashtag #SweetValley 😆🤓 1y
TorieStorieS I loved the SVU series!!! But I still need to get my hands on the second half of the senior year books- and some of the later Sweet Valley Twins and Kids books! I have a spreadsheet on my phone of the ones I am missing so I‘m always prepared to pop into a used bookstore!! 🤣🤣🤣 1y
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