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Little Things, complex matters: Poetic musings on the joy of the simple and the power of the complex
Little Things, complex matters: Poetic musings on the joy of the simple and the power of the complex | P. C. Menezes
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Have you ever stared at the ceiling, tired eyes held open by a mind overflowing with thoughts, questions and feelings? This is the background framing the whole conception of the poetic musings depicted in this book: a global pandemic, a life in a new country, and a moment of both professional and personal disruption. For any chronic overthinker the scenario of imposed, unannounced change, and the sudden awareness of Time is the "perfect igniting spark to action. And that is how every bad mood, every unsolicited advice, every article, every news, every fear, every disappointment became a vessel for the words start to flow. The series of poetic musings depicted in Little Things, complex matters is an attempt to understand the Whys? behind all the sudden disruption, by answering (or trying to answer) the many burning questions about people, science, nature, love, past, future and how all those things put together form the Big Picture of Life. In the pages inside, the "rant" moments are organized in form of poetry to describe a big picture that is bigger and colorful than ever. And strangely, so is the perception of the details. In this wordly journey to self-awareness every dot connected is a new question to ask, a new theory to analyze, and an opportunity to immerse ourselves in a new gray zone in between that is anything but gray. If you are a overthinker, a curious mind or if you just have the tendency of staring at the ceiling at night with the mind boiling with the most provocative questions, I invite you to do a deep dive in this book. The path to discover the answers that most comfort one's mind is not easy, make no mistake. But to all future readers, donating their precious time to appreciate the nonnative rants inside, I hope these musings can help you answer some of your own burning questions. One thing is for sure, though. I honestly feel (and hope) that you will leave these pages with tons of additional questions of your own so you can rant away out there as most please your souls.
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I received this book from Librarything.com Early Member Giveaway for honest review. This is my own opinions. This is a book of poetry, I found the poems interesting. The layout was great. I rated this book a 4 out 5 stars.