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The Complete Family Guide to Dementia
The Complete Family Guide to Dementia: Everything You Need to Know to Help Your Parent and Yourself | Thomas F. Harrison, Brent P. Forester
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If you are facing the unique challenges of caring for a parent with dementia, you are not alone. What do you do when your loved one so plainly needs assistance, but is confused, angry, or resistant to your help? Where can you find the vital information you need, when you need it? Journalist Thomas Harrison and leading geriatric psychiatrist Brent Forester show that you dont have to be a medical expert to be a good care provider in this authoritative guide. They explain the basics of dementia and offer effective strategies for coping with the medical, emotional, and financial toll. With the right skills, you can navigate changing family roles, communicate better with your parent, keep him or her safe, and manage difficult behaviors. Learn how to "care smarter, not harder"--and help your loved one maintain the best possible quality of life.
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Quite obviously this is not a read for everyone, but as someone who is in the situation I found many interesting attitudes and approaches that will be helpful now and as my father declines.

The_Book_Ninja Sorry to read that. 7mo
Creadnorthey Thanks for the sentiment @The_Book_Ninja not so bad as of now and one really just doesn‘t know how it will go. Chins are up. 7mo
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