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Plato: Theaetetus and Sophist
Plato: Theaetetus and Sophist | Plato
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A new and lively translation of two Platonic dialogues widely read and discussed by philosophers, with introduction and notes.
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Sophist is fine, but it's missing Socrates & so in terms of stylistic bravado it's tame. Theaetetus goes hard. Socrates, in his quest to get to the root of epistemology, emerges like some sort of philosophical Patrick Bateman, slaying other philosophers left, right, & centre. He thinks of himself as a midwife in terms of assisting the birth of "truth" among people, even if it means not having all the answers, & compares the mind to a ball of wax!

batsy I realise I've made this sound entirely frivolous 😂 The question and answer method, or the dialectical process, has Socrates in conversation with Theaetetus on the nature of knowledge. And though it ends at an impasse, they have gone through three principles to establish what knowledge is *not*. It's heavy and technical but also super readable because of Plato's style, which is what I love about these dialogues. 1mo
Billypar A philosophical Patrick Bateman 😆 I've got a bizarre Ancient Greek Psycho mashup in my head now. 1mo
Aimeesue I was at an ethics seminar this week where our ethicist said he was just gonna be Socrates and argue with everyone. He went all Socratic on us 😂 1mo
batsy @Billypar 😂 It's such an intense dialogue but also just funny for the way Socrates goes off. 1mo
batsy @Aimeesue Hahaha! It's tough being on the receiving end of a Socrates 😆 1mo
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