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It Came from Miskatonic University: Weirdly Fantastical Tales of Campus Life
It Came from Miskatonic University: Weirdly Fantastical Tales of Campus Life | Scott Gable, C. Dombrowski
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More modern tales of good ol' MU! Each story shows a slice of college life at this storied and magical institution, steeped in the occult and part of the strange town of Arkham. Come visit this fascinating New England university--where science and magic, tradition and experimentation go hand in hand--and the quiet, secretive locals on which it relies. More odd tales of campus life at Miskatonic University from: Lynne Hardy - Tonya Liburd - S.L. Edwards - Richard Lee Byers - Jacqueline Bryk - David Kammerzelt - Dawn Vogel - Chuck Regan - Oliver Smith - Jennifer Brozek - Mary Berman - Jill Hand - Dani Atkinson - Matt Maxwell - Erica L. Satifka & Rob McMonigal - Matthew M. Bartlett Glad to see you're back at MU! I know I had some big scares my first year here, and honestly, I almost called it quits. But then I just realized one day that this is where I belong. This is where I can make my mark, maybe make a difference. I learned so much that first year, and it nearly broke me. But I rebuilt myself. And now I'm here to help you and the other students figure out your own paths. Faculty struggling for funding in the occult sciences. Students trying to navigate whole new worlds of possibility. Administration striving for growth and progress--not just damage control. And Arkham residents adjusting to the constant influx of new faces. Just study harder. Dance when you can. Laugh a lot. And don't die.
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I‘m always excited to start a new book from Broken Eye! The first volume from Miskatonic U was excellent, and this one even has my photo in the back with a 100% accurate bio!

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