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How to Buy a Planet
How to Buy a Planet: The Must-Read Sci-fi Novel Of 2020 | D. A. Holdsworth
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The Earth has been sold to aliens. What could possibly go wrong? It's the Year 2024. Drowning in debt following the pandemic and facing ruin, the world's leaders have taken the only logical decision. They've sold the planet. When Toby, a penniless student, and his two new flatmates find out one morning on TV, they're surprised to find the Earth's new alien owners are staggeringly cute and bring the promise of a debt-free future. They're just getting ready to celebrate along with the rest of the world, when a chance encounter with a mysterious professor reveals the truth. And there's a glitch: the Earth is about to be destroyed. With only 24 hours to avert the apocalypse, Toby's flatmates - one paranoid, one gorgeous - drag him on an intergalactic adventure. Battling interplanetary bankers and pursued by pitiless assassins, the gang find that a deadly virus becomes their only chance of salvation. Fresh, fun and fast-paced, How to Buy a Planet is the unforgettable tale of three students on an impossible quest to beat the system. If you're a fan of Douglas Adams, Grant Naylor, or Terry Pratchett, this is the must-read sci-fi novel of 2020.
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Following the pandemic, with global debt out of control the world leaders decide to sell Plant Earth to a race of money hungry bankers called the Golgothans. Toby and Co set out to save the planent in 24 hours. Also featuring Carruthers the hedgehog. A bit of a mad space adventure.