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Anxiety Diary of an Ordinary Girl
Anxiety Diary of an Ordinary Girl | Carrie Thompson
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Do you live a life constantly surrounded by family, friends, coworkers and acquaintances yet still feel completely alone? Do you tend to get stuck in your own head, over thinking every possible scenario to every single event in your life? Have you ever felt out of place, isolated, lost, weird or broken and just not know how to get yourself out of the hole? Have you ever felt like a burden or disappointment to the people you care about most? This is the story of your average girl who struggled with these feelings most of her life, but never more than when she was diagnosed with generalized anxiety disorder. From the time she was a child, she allowed this negative self talk to grow and fester until it finally led to a mental illness and complete breakdown. This is her story of how she allowed perfectionism, guilt, shame, fear and the toxicity of my past to destroy every part of her, landing her in a mental breakdown at the end of 2019. This is the story of her destruction, and more importantly her comeback and the lessons learned along the way. She shares to raise awareness for mental health disorders and ensure that you know you have a kindred spirit out there. You are not alone.
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I wanted so much to love this book, especially because it was written by a fellow #murderino. I think if it was edited better and less wordy, I could easily make it a Pick! It felt clunky and there was at least one paragraph that had been copied from part 1 and pasted into part 2.