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Ben Franklin's Almanac
Ben Franklin's Almanac: Being a True Account of the Good Gentleman's Life | Candace Fleming
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"What good shall I do today?" How Ben Franklin answered that question -- through his work as a writer, printer, statesman, and inventor -- forever established him as one of America's greatest figures. On one day in 1729 he published the first edition of the Pennsylvania Gazette; on another day he changed the Declaration of Independence by adding the famous words, "We hold these truths to be self-evident"; and it was all in a day's work when he planted the first willow trees in America. Modeled on his own Poor Richard's Almanack, this unique scrapbook captures Franklin's countless accomplishments. Biography and anecdote, cartoon and etching mesh to create a fascinating portrait of this most fascinating man. Anyone interested in the birth of American democracy...or curious about the rise of the U.S. postal system...or wondering how paper money came to be...or wanting to know how Ben Franklin was part of it all, is sure to pore over Ben Franklin's Almanac.
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Review: Ben Franklin's Almanac by Candace Fleming, , is a biography all about Benjamin Franklin.
Blurb: This is a good example of the genre because of the real account of ben Franklins life that is being told. The author was well researched and used factual information to write her story. I would use this in my classroom for a social studies lesson/project.
Quote: “The news, when it reaches London, deeply disturbs Ben.“

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