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Alone Together
Alone Together: Why Your Kids Are Watching Others Play | R. K. Holliday
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Are your kids always on YouTube or Twitch?In the midst of social media, toxic news, and insanely complicated research, many parents get lost. Feeling pressure to know "what" their kids are seeing on the internet and understanding "why" they're clamoring for more, it's easy to lose sight of how we got here and why our kids are into this strange, new trend.In this easy to understand book, R.K. Holliday offers parents much more than a to-do list. Instead, he presents us with a big-picture view of a child's life way back when, in his day, and now. Outlining reasons centered on no-agenda, normal observations, he shows that we need to understand what's behind the screen to understand what's making our kids tick. We need to put ourselves in our kids' shoes with little grace and understanding.Freed from the burden of trying to understand complex studies that simply don't apply to everyday kids, we can embrace a good perspective of video games and streaming that will enrich your understanding of why children can't get enough of YouTube and Twitch streaming.
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I interviewed R.K. Holliday. He has two books out--both fiction and non-fiction. He's a good dude. Check out the interview on my website.


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This book lays out convincing reasons for why kids enjoy watching online games on YouTube and Twitch.tv. It's an interesting subject but I wish that there are more depth (details) in the content. Still a good read & I definitely learnt something!

Rating: 3⭐