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Last Chance
Last Chance: The Last Series | J. M. Paul
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HOW DO YOU MOVE FORWARD WHEN YOU WANT TO LIVE IN THE PAST?Left to gather the pieces of her shattered heart, Molly Manzelli slowly finds herself descending into the depths of darkness. Her attempts to numb the pain lead her from one bad decision to the next, keeping her enslaved to her sorrow.The only remedy Molly has ever known is Jace. Finding it difficult not to slip back into old patterns with him, she's forced into a life that awakens old demons and breeds uncertainty.When confronted by a fork in the road, Molly must decide between two evils. But how does she choose when either path could break her?HOW DO YOU LIVE WITH HALF A HEART?Jace Pennington had everything he wanted until his past infiltrated his future and left his life crumpled at his feet.Floundering in a life he was forced to choose, Jace tries to embrace his past, even when it's wrapped in thorns.When devastating news threatens to shred everything Jace has left, he turns to Molly for comfort and guidance. Will the situation salvage their relationship, or has too much hurt and dishonesty ruined their last chance at happiness?
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Cinfhen Such a fun idea!!! 4w
gradcat Echoing @Cinfhen . . . great idea! I love Philip Glass and almost all of the soundtracks he did for Errol Morris‘ documentaries. Meanwhile, I‘m here to post happy Litsyversay good wishes backatcha! And thanks for thinking of me!! ♥️ 4w
gradcat @CrowCAH By the way, I know I‘m too late for the gift. I just wanted to wish you well & comment on a subject that I love! 4w
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This author is really good. Easy to read. Stirs up feelings.