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The Jailing of Cecelia Capture
The Jailing of Cecelia Capture | Janet Hale
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Cecelia Capture Welles, an Indian law student and mother of two, is jailed on her thirtieth birthday for drunk driving. Held on an old welfare fraud charge, she reflects back on her life on the reservation in Idaho, her days as an unwed mother in San Francisco, her marriage to a white liberal, and her decision to return to college. This mixed inheritance of ambition and despair brings her to the brink of suicide. "The Jailing of Cecelia Capture is a beautifully written book. Janet Campbell Hale's gifts are genuine and deeply felt." Toni Morrison
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#14books14weeks2023 I was thinking about joining in , @Liz_M had such great picks ,got me motivated! I wanted a Virago and a NYRB book in my selections as well.Some have been on the #TBRMountain for a long time.

TheHeartlandBookFairy So glad you were motivated to join in, happy to have you! Happy summer, happy Reading 😎📚 11mo
Liz_M I'm honored to have inspired this fab stack! 11mo
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This was such a perfectly written character study of a native American woman attending law school in Idaho, and the factors that lead to her being arrested. I loved the way that time slipped backwards and forwards, it felt so organic and I was never confused about what order things happened in, which can happen with books like that. In the end I found it meaningful, complex, and stereotype-defying.