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Expiation - The Whisper of Death
Expiation - The Whisper of Death | Elisa S Amore
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One great sacrifice will end it all--but can true love ever be forgotten? Would you brave Hell to save the one you love? How can you look forward to the future when you know your days are numbered? Gemma has asked herself that every night since making her fateful pact with Sopha, queen of the underworld. Three days after giving birth to her child, Gemma must return to Hell and be transformed into a Witch, erasing her past and surrendering herself to Evil. This is the price she's agreed to pay in exchange for bringing Evan back to life and ensuring the safety of their child. Evan, however, refuses to accept her agreement. He's convinced that together, they can overcome this new challenge. His deepest fear is different: he knows the Angels of Death will do everything they can to kill Gemma before she becomes a Witch. Pursued by unrelenting danger and dark secrets, Evan and Gemma ready themselves for the ultimate bloody battle to defend their love. Prepare yourself for a journey with no return.
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It's taken me a while to read this entire series but I'm super excited for the last book. Also, this is probably my favorite cover of the series. It's gorgeous ❤