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Phoenixville Rising
Phoenixville Rising: A Novel | Robb Cadigan
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"PHOENIXVILLE RISING is a beautifully written love letter to the American industrial town. In a novel spanning centuries, and centering on three hard-luck kids, Sketch and Tara and the unforgettable Boo--clear-eyed and reckless and insanely-loyal Boo--Robb Cadigan gives us a timeless story of the enduring legacies of love and friendship. Noir and romantic and richly emotional, PHOENIXVILLE RISING is superb." - William Lashner, New York Times bestselling author of the Victor Carl series and THE BARKEEP In PHOENIXVILLE RISING, a man returns to his hometown for the first time in decades and revisits the tragic October when he was a teen delinquent hanging out at the abandoned steel mill. Part coming-of-age novel, part crime story, part historical romance, the story moves back and forth in time between the beginning and end of the Phoenixville steel industry, from the Civil War years to the late twentieth century. A tale of rebirth and redemption in small-town America. NOTHING EVER HAPPENS HERE This is what he used to tell himself. Back when he was just a punk kid, wasting time with petty crimes and the Furnace Boys down at the abandoned steel mill. A dead-end life, sure, but he had an escape plan. UNTIL ONE FATEFUL WEEK CHANGED EVERYTHING FOREVER Now, after thirty years, he's finally coming home ... to the phantoms of his own past and the hometown history he tried to leave behind. THE PAST IS ALWAYS PRESENT IN THE TOWN CALLED PHOENIXVILLE
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#LiteraryLove I'm #PlayingCupid for those of you who love an #indybookstore and live in or visit Phoenixville, #Pennsylvania. Screenshot of Robb Cadigan's FB page announcing the Spring opening of his #bookstore READS & COMPANY. Here's to lifelong #booklove !#newbookstore @vkois88 @Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks

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