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Minus 148 Degrees, Anniversary Edition
Minus 148 Degrees, Anniversary Edition: First Winter Ascent of Mount McKinley | Art Davidson
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CLICK HERE to download the first 50 pages from (Provide us with a little information and we'll send your download directly to your inbox) "This finely crafted adventure tale runs on adrenaline but also something else: brutal honesty." The Wall Street Journal "I couldn't lay it down until it was all finished (12:40 a.m.!)... A fascinating and beautifully-written story." Bradford Washburn * One of National Geographic Adventure's "The 100 Greatest Adventure Books of All Time" * Spring 2013 marks the 100th anniversary of the first ascent of Mount McKinley * New edition includes a revised preface, new prologue, and new afterword describing more recent winter attempts on McKinley In 1967, eight men attempted North America's highest summit: Mount McKinley (now known as Denali) had been climbed beforebut never in winter. Plagued by doubts and cold, group tension and a crevasse tragedy, the expedition tackled McKinley in minimal hours of daylight and fierce storms. They were trapped at three different camps above 14,000 feet during a six-day blizzard and faced the ultimate low temperature of -148 F. Minus 148 is Art Davidson's stunning personal narrative, supplemented by diary excerpts from team members George Wichman, John Edwards, Dave Johnston, and Greg Blomberg. Davidson retells the team's fears and frictionsand ultimate triumphwith an honesty that has made this gripping survival story a mountaineering classic for over 40 years. Minus 148 is featured among many "best of" reading lists, including National Geographic Adventure's "The 100 Greatest Adventure Books of all Time." "At twenty-two I came to regard the first expedition to Mt. McKinley in the winter as a journey into an unexplored land. No one had lived on North America's highest ridges in the winter twilight. No one knew how low the temperatures would drop, or how penetrating the cold would be when the wind blew. For thousands of years McKinley's storms had raged by themselves." Minus 148 This title is part of our LEGENDS AND LORE series. Click here > to learn more.
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One would have to perform #superfeats to climb a mountain....

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Cinfhen I‘m always amazed at people who take on such feats! 2mo
Cathythoughts Great picture .... yes as @Cinfhen says such a feat to take on 👍🏻 2mo
CrowCAH Definitely a superfeat to climb a mountain 🏔 2mo
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