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I Just Lately Started Buying Wings
I Just Lately Started Buying Wings: Missives from the Other Side of Silence | Kim Dana Kupperman
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I Just Lately Started Buying Wings is a finely crafted debut, winner of the 2009 Bakeless Nonfiction Prize Kim Dana Kupperman's essays plumb the emotional and spiritual depths of a transitory life. Her episodic "missives" cover territory from the chaos of a frenetic childhood to love affairs, failed and otherwise, to the Chernobyl nuclear accident, to an ocean-crossing search for her Eastern European roots. In confident, lyrical prose, Kupperman leads the reader through a winding gallerya collection of still lifes and portraits, landscapes of loneliness and love.
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An uneven essay collection. Some are mesmerizing; others left me cold. One of my favorite memoirs is “Angela‘s Ashes,” which also details horrific childhood circumstances. The difference, though, is that Frank McCourt used humor to tell his story. With these essays, I felt burdened. I wonder if it‘s intentional? Maybe being dispassionate & detached let her keep her distance in a way that preserved her sanity? In any event, it‘s an exhausting read.

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This weekend's #bookhaul from the Local Author's Book Sale and Signing!! Featuring my copy of Sterling Script, an anthology of works from local writers, including the fabulous @CrowCAH . Huzzah!

CrowCAH That‘s a great selection of local authors! 😊 Thanks for supporting the anthology!!! 5y
VioletCavalier 📚 I'd better get to reading!! I'm randomly going through the anthology. There's so much in there! 5y
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