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The Last Slice of Rainbow
The Last Slice of Rainbow: And Other Stories | Joan Aiken
The 9 stories in this collection explore the magic and mystery of strange lands populated not just by ordinary boys and girls but also by elves, fairies, kelpies, and a queen with screaming hair! In “Clem’s Dream,” a boy loses his dream and asks the Slipper, Tooth, Apple, Bread, and Water Fairies to help get it back for him. In “The Queen With Screaming Hair,” 5-year-old Princess Christina of Laurestinia snips off the white whiskers of the all-powerful palace cat, Crimplesham, who then transforms her golden hair into a hundred teasing, spiteful voices. And in the title story, Jason can see the patterns in the stars and remember every tune he ever whistled. When the wind forgets its favorite song, Jason reminds him and is granted a wish in return. He asks for a rainbow of his own to keep in his pocket, but will Jason be able to hold onto it? These inventive, thought-provoking adventures remind us of the magic of language and its power to educate and enchant. This ebook features illustrations by Margaret Walty and a personal history of Joan Aiken including rare images from the author’s estate.
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I received this book when I was in 2nd grade and have reread it dozens of times since then. Hauntingly beautiful stories with a bit of a dark side, I think this book of short stories shaped what would interest me as a reader today. The illustrations sprinkled throughout are equally magical!