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Saga, Vol. 1 | Brian K. Vaughan
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Is it Graphic novel reading week or what? I am hooked on to graphic novels for the past 2 days. Saga is my 4th novel in 2 days, probably the fast pace of the format does help? Just a few pages in & am liking it. I do hope it's as good as the reviews say it is... Who else is reading or has read this 1??

Leftcoastzen I love Saga ! 5d
rrkreader @Leftcoastzen How many volumes have you read? Would you recommend all of them? 5d
Leftcoastzen All 9 ! I would highly recommend them! I hope they do more. 5d
rrkreader @Leftcoastzen Definitely giving it a try then... Thanks for the recommendation.. 5d
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The Most Fun We Ever Had | Claire Lombardo
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That‘s right - large print! 🤓

MicheleinPhilly How are you outside voluntarily??? I‘m like a popsicle right now. 1w
LauraBeth @micheleinphilly I'm on tennis ball duty with Bitsy. 😝 1w
Megabooks Nice!! Looking forward to what you think about it. I‘m on the fence. 1w
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Cathythoughts Look forward to your thoughts on this one 👍🏻❤️ 1w
Sace I need large print more than I care to admit. I need to learn to embrace it. 3d
Suet624 Haha. It‘s a shorter wait list for large print books. 1d
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Saga Compendium One | Brian K. Vaughan
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Finally diving into this series because I‘ve been meaning to for so long. Have heard many great things.
#Saga #briankvaughan #fionastaples #compendiumone #comic #graphicnovel

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The Most Fun We Ever Had | Claire Lombardo
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Nope...not for me.
#unpopularopinion #bail #dnf

TheLibrarian Sorry to hear you didn‘t like it. 2w
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Saga Vol. 9 | Brian K. Vaughan
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This one broke me...😭😭😭


ShyBookOwl Me too!!! My husband and I were them for Halloween 😏 2w
Enchanted_Bibliophile @ShyBookOwl that's so awesome! Halloween isn't big in South Africa ,so we never get dressed up 🙄 2w
ShyBookOwl @Enchanted_Bibliophile aw. Yeah, I think it's mostly a North American thing. It's my favourite holiday though. 2w
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Centennial | James A. Michener
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#greatfulreads #day3 #over500pages I read all 910 pages of this Michener monster, and it was worth it😄

Kdgordon88 This is a favorite! Great choice! 3w
ljuliel In my Top Ten ...first 100 pages are a slog, but after that, it‘s terrific. 3w
Lynnsoprano @ljuliel I think that‘s true for most of Michener‘s books. The only one I really wasn‘t crazy about was Alaska. 3w
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OriginalCyn620 🙌🏻📚❤️ 3w
ljuliel @lynnsoprano The only 2 of his I‘ve read so far are the one mentioned here and Chesapeake. Both very good. I want to tackle TEXAS sometime, but I‘ll have to be in the right mood. I‘ve started it before and it‘s very good. Just wasn‘t a good time to stick with it. (edited) 3w
Blaire I need to read some Michener, I remember both my parents loving his books when I was a child. 3w
quirkyreader This one is on the TBR list. The copy I have is falling apart to due to its age. Time for some rubber bands. 3w
Crazeedi The first Michener I read was this one, in 6th grade, and it was probably 900 pages too 3w
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Saga Volume 4 | Brian K Vaughan
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Post Halloween lazy morning. Catching up on Saga and I got my hands on the Vertigo miniseries Hex Wives.

ljuliel Cute tights ? Leggings ? I‘m not sure what they‘re called nowadays. Anyhow, they are cute. 3w
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Saga Vol. 8 | Brian K. Vaughan
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Now I just need to find the last volume in my library!

I can remember if I have done this prompt already, but if I haven‘t I‘m using this as my #ComicorGraphicNovel for #Booked2019

Cinfhen Need to check xx 3w
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Saga Book Three | Brian K. Vaughan
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Other space operas have tried to be immersive, compelling, and emotionally riveting along with vulgar and violent, but Saga shoots for the stars...and resoundingly succeeds.

Beatlefan129 Is that a raccoon in that dog bed?? 3w
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The Most Fun We Ever Had | Claire Lombardo
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To find people beyond your people was nothing short of miraculous, finding a person away from home who felt like home and shifted, subsequently, the very notion of home, widening its borders🏡💛

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