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Wonder. R.J. Palacio | R J Palacio
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💙 If you love a RF that makes you cry, Wonder is the book for you. In Wonder, we follow the life of August, aka Auggie, who is going to school for the first time in his life. Which is a normal thing that all kids do, except Auggie is entering Middle School and he has a facial anomaly.I believe this book has a message that all students should hear. #LAS3414sp19

ha_kaye It is aimed for ages eight to twelve and would make a great IR, LC, or RA. I can see students loving this story so I would want it to be read in an LC or as a RA, so students can discuss the book together. EL strategy # 16; integrate speaking, listening, reading and writing activities; would be great for either the RA or LC since the student would either be actively reading and discussing with their group or listening to the teacher read. 7mo
ha_kaye UDL principle 3.2; highlight patterns, critical features, big ideas, and relationships; would work well for Wonder. That could be related to how the parts of the story are told in different perspectives of the same story. https://wonderthebook.com/for-teachers is a website from R.J. Palacio herself so teacher should utilize it, if they plan on reading Wonder in their class! (edited) 7mo
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