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For Maryland Day here are a few #funfacts about my state.

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#FunFacts #Arizona
√There are
-22 national parks and monuments in Arizona
-more than 100 wineries and 22 varietals of wine produced in Arizona
-75+ licensed craft breweries (and growing)
√Arizona chefs and restaurants have received more than 50 James Beard nominations since 2010.
√Arizona's Sonoran Desert is the only place on earth where the iconic saguaro cactus grows.⬇️

dabbe √Arizona has 35 state parks and natural areas preserving the state's natural, cultural and recreational resources.
√The Arizona Trail is 800 miles long and is dedicated to hiking, mountain biking, horseback riding and cross-country skiing.
√Two of the top-rated waterfalls in the United States are located in Arizona: Grand Falls and Havasu Falls.
√Grand Canyon National Park is one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World, and the only one ⬇️
dabbe located within the United States.
√According to Travel + Leisure, three of the 10 world's best destination spas are in Arizona (two in Tucson and one in Sedona).

Oh, and of course (#drumrollplease): Phoenix is the HOTTEST city in the entire country (fact). Probably in the entire world (not a fact, but that's how I feel in July).
Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks Sounds amazing!! I definitely need to travel there!! ❤️ 2w
dabbe @Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks Same with Mississippi! I've driven through the south but never experienced it. And is your Mississippi Mud Pie the best on the planet? I've NEVER had the real thing. ❣️ 2w
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Here are some facts about my hometown where I live

Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks Thank you for sharing!! 2w
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#FunFacts #Oregon

Oregon lays claim to the deepest lake (Crater Lake), the shortest river (the D river), the deepest river gorge (Hell‘s Canyon) and the smallest park (Mill Ends Park). Portland is the home of the most breweries in the US (not surprising) and also the home of the most strip clubs in the nation (What!?!). We also have the most ghost towns, 1/4 of the nation‘s llamas and the hazelnut is our state nut. The only state to have one.

Sparklemn Definitely would not have guess about the strip clubs! 😂 2w
Susanita A state nut. Brilliant! 2w
ChaoticMissAdventures My office is right by Mill Park! 2w
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dabbe Very interesting, and it gives me an idea. We should all have a state NUT that's in our legislature. We can vote for him/her/them every year--kind of like giving out a Darwin award. Yeah, I'm not looking forward to election season. 🤣🤣🤣 2w
Deblovestoread @dabbe. Me, too but I have some prime candidates for the state Nut elections 😂 2w
RebelReader My grandparents lived in Oregon for years. I want to go back and visit because all I got to see was their house when we‘d visit. 😏 2w
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Hello friends!! I thought we could each share some fun facts from where you live!


I also posted this on our Facebook page because there‘s more room! If you‘re in #LitsyLove go to Facebook and search “Letter Group.” 💗

Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks Mississippi!
-Birthplace of Elvis Presley, Morgan Freeman, James Earl Jones, Faith Hill, William Faulkner, Oprah Winfrey, John Grisham, Donna Tartt, Angie Thomas, Jimmy Buffet, Greg Iles, Jesmyn Ward
- first human heart transplant happened here
-first human lung transplant
-5 of the deadliest tornadoes happened here
- root beer was created here
-home of the blues!
- our weather is crazy!!
Many other things!
Lucy_Anywhere I attended Richmond School in North Yorkshire - it‘s existed since (at least) the 1300s and Lewis Carroll was a student in the 1840s! 2w
marleed I live in Kansas City where life is particularly more fun if you love Chiefs football, KU college basketball, some jazz, and a whole lot of barbecue! 2w
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tonymp Valladolid, Spain Christopher Columbus died here. Miguel de Cervantes lived here. Was capital of the Spanish Empire from 1601 to 1606. Ferdinand and Isabella married here in secret to unite Aragon and Castile. 2w
Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks @marleed I love the Chiefs 🏈 2w
Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks @tonymp wow! So much history 📚 thank you for sharing!! 2w
TrishB Liverpool U.K. 😁 birthplace of The Beatles. I live 2 minutes from Penny Lane and my kids went to the same school as John Lennon. Also the birthplace of Clive Barker, horror writer and latterly Jodi Comer. Has 2 football teams, I support the red ones. 2w
CoverToCoverGirl I‘m from New Brunswick and we are known for highest tides in the world, located in and around the Bay of Fundy. It is something to see and hear. 2w
Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks @TrishB wow!! So cool! Love the Beatles 🎼 2w
Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks @CoverToCoverGirl wow!! Would love to see and hear it! 2w
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I loved this book! Incredible read, and filled with so many facts! A great book to read to your students to get them to be little environmentalists! Definitely a good book to read before introducing a green project within the classroom!


Great children‘s read about stuff that happens around the world every day!


Great collection of fun facts for children!

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Scholastic Book of Lists | James Jr Buckley, Robert Stremme, R Stremme, J Buckley
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When I heard the Scholastic Book Fair was happening at Captain Adorable‘s school I couldn‘t contain my excitement. Neither could he. A perfect early birthday shopping adventure for this almost 8 year old.

Jeg Those book fairs are great. We have one every year in the school where I volunteer. 1y
MicheleinPhilly Good grief, he has gotten big! 1y
Suet624 @Jeg I was talking with him about how they had this book fair when I was growing up. I always loved it. I'm sure we'll be skipping to the Fair next year. :)
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Suet624 @MicheleinPhilly I know! I'm so glad I live so close to him so that I get to see him grow up. I have two other grandsons who live in DC and I don't get to see them as often. Their growth spurts always shock me. 1y
babyruth2510 Those were my favorite days at school. 1y
Suet624 @babyruth2510 Yes! Me too! 1y
Nute This is bringing back such wonderful warm memories!😃 1y
BarbaraBB He looks excited already. So cute! 1y
Cathythoughts Gorgeous boy 1y
LeahBergen He‘s getting so grown up! 🥲 1y
Reggie Happy birthday to him! 1y
batsy Fun!! And it's a great photo of him 💕 1y
ValerieAndBooks Almost 8?! No way! I‘m sure you both had fun at the book fair! 1y
Suet624 @BarbaraBB He waited all day, so he was super excited!!! 1y
Suet624 @batsy It's actually the most natural photo of him in ages. For so long he would make a goofy face every time I'd take a shot of him. It was nice to see his normal smile. :) 1y
Suet624 @ValerieAndBooks We had a lovely time. I'm so glad book fairs still happen at schools. 1y
Suet624 @LeahBergen I know! :( Too fast. 1y
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