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The Best Liars in Riverview
The Best Liars in Riverview | Lin Thompson
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In the woods of a small Kentucky town, Aubrey sets off on a journey about growing up, self-discovery, and acceptance while searching for their missing best friendperfect for fans of King and the Dragonflies and Three Times Lucky. Aubrey and Joel are like two tomato vines that grew along the same crooked fenceweird, yet the same kind of weird. But lately, even their shared weirdness seems weird. Then Joel disappears. Vanishes. Poof. The whole town is looking for him, and Aubrey was the last person to see Joel. Aubrey cant say much, but since lies of omission are still lies, heres what they know for sure: For the last two weeks of the school year, when sixth grade became too much, Aubrey and Joel have been building a raft in the woods. The raft was supposed to be just another part of their running away game. The raft is gone now, too. Aubrey doesnt know where Joel is, but they might know how to find him. As Aubrey, their friend Mari, and sister Teagan search along the river, Aubrey has to fess up to who they really are, all the things they never said, and the word that bully Rudy Thomas used that set all this into motion.
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In Riverview, Kentucky, Aubrey's best friend Joel disappears in the woods. Was it bullies? His race? Something else? Aubrey intends on finding out as she pieces together the clues while learning something about herself in this queer middle grade reader.

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#currentlyreading #preview #marchrso2022 #middlefiction, #nonbinaryrep #smalltown That‘s all I know so far. Looking forward to it.

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