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Kathy Acker: the Last Interview
Kathy Acker: the Last Interview: And Other Conversations | Kathy Acker
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Kathy Acker was a punk-rock counter-cultural icon, and innovator of the literary underground. The interviews collected here span her amazing, uncompromising, and often misunderstood 30-year career. From Acker's earliest interviews--filled with playful, evasive, and counter-intuitive responses--to the last interview before her death where she reflects on the state of American literature, these interviews capture the writer at her funny and surprising best. Another highlight includes Acker's 1997 interview with the Spice Girls on the forces of pop and feminism (which reads as if it could have been conducted with a new generation of pop star in 2018).
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It feels like I‘ve waited for this for SO LONG. Kathy Acker means a lot to me: I began reading her a little over a decade ago and it‘s fair to say that her playful use of language, her sharp critiques of gender relations and contemporary American society, and her general boisterous chaotic weirdness totally changed my sense of what a book could be and do and inspire. Kathy Acker is a writer I think of as “mine.”