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The Man Called CASH
The Man Called CASH: The Life, Love and Faith of an American Legend | Steve Turner
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Johnny Cash is one of the most influential figures in music and American popular culture today. While he was an icon to people of all ages during his life, Cash's legacy continues after his death. His remarkable story is captured in this exclusive authorized biography, addressing the whole life of Johnny Cash-not just his unforgettable music but also his relationship with June Carter Cash and his faith in Christ. His authenticity, love for God and family, and unassuming persona are what Steve Turner captures with passion and focus in this inspiring book. Different from other books written about him, The Man Called CASH brings Cash's faith and love for God into the foreground and tells the story of a man redeemed, without watering-down or sugar-coating. The Man Called CASH will be a huge success with his millions of fans and will draw in many new fans with this inspiring story of faith and redemption.
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So I am a huge Johnny Cash fan, and was so excited to pick this book up. Everything I have read said this is one if the top biographies on Jonny Cash. Thought a pic with the book and my acoustic guitar seemed fititng😉

sprainedbrain I bought that book for my 13-year-old daughter earlier this year! She loves Johnny and chose to do her ‘Influential Person‘ report and presentation at school about him. ❤️ 2y
TheWhiteHatter @sprainedbrain That's so cool, great choice for 'Influential Person'! Very excited to read the book. 2y
Nute Fabulous photo!!! 1y
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