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Mindfulness: The Most Effective Techniques: Connect With Your Inner Self to Reach Your Goals Easily and Peacefully | Ian Tuhovsky
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Dear friends, Mindfulness is not about complicated and otherworldly woo-woo spiritual practices. It doesnt require you to be a part of any religion or a movement. What mindfulness is about is living a good life (thats quite practical, right?), and this book is all about deepening your awareness, getting to know yourself, and developing attitudes and mental habits that will make you not only a successful and effective person in life, but a happy and wise one as well. If you have ever wondered what the mysterious words mindfulness means and why would anyone bother, you have just found your (detailed) answer! This book will provide you with actionable steps and valuable information, all in plain English, so all of your doubts will be soon gone. In my experience, nothing has proven as simple and yet effective and powerful as the daily practice of mindfulness. It has helped me become more decisive, disciplined, focused, calm, and just a happier person. I can come as far as to say that mindfulness has transformed me into a success. Now, its your turn. Theres nothing to lose, and so much to win! The payoff is nothing less than transforming your life into its true potential. What you will learn from this short-read: -What exactly does the word mindfulness mean, and why should it become an important word in your dictionary? -How taking as little as five minutes a day to clear your mind might result in steering your life towards great success and becoming a much more fulfilled person? ...and how the heck can you clear your mind exactly? -What are the most interesting, effective, and not well-known mindfulness techniques for success that I personally use to stay on the track and achieve my goals daily while feeling calm and relaxed? -Where to start and how to slowly get into mindfulness to avoid unnecessary confusion? -What are the scientifically proven profits of a daily mindfulness practice? -How to develop the so-called Nonjudgmental Awareness to win with discouragement and negative thoughts, stick to the practice and keep becoming a more focused, calm, disciplined, and peaceful person on a daily basis? -What are the most common problems experienced by practitioners of mindfulness and meditation, and how to overcome them? -How to meditate and just how easy can it be? -What are the most common mistakes people keep doing when trying to get into meditation and mindfulness? How to avoid them? -Real life tested steps to apply mindfulness to everyday life to become happier and much more successful person? -What is the relation between mindfulness and life success? How to use mindfulness to become much more effective in your life and achieve your goals much easier? -What to do in life when just about everything seems to go wrong? -How to become a more patient and disciplined person? Stop existing and start living. Start changing your life for the better today.
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A solid beginner‘s guide to mindfulness. While tips were provided, I was unable to find something I had not heard before.

However, I always appreciate taking the time to read (even if it is repetitive) about meditation and mindfulness practices.

I also found some positive quotes to keep!