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Renting Silence
Renting Silence: A Roaring Twenties mystery | Mary Miley
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Can 1920s script girl Jessie do Mary Pickfords bidding and uncover a real killer? When Jessie is asked by her idol, the famous actress Mary Pickford, if she can do some private investigating for her, Jessie reluctantly accepts. A girl was found stabbed in her bedroom with another woman lying unconscious on the floor next to her, a bloody knife in her hand. With no police investigation into the murder, its up to Jessie to hone her amateur detective skills and prove the girls innocence before she hangs for murder. But as Jessie travels through the roaring twenties world of Hollywood and movies, surreptitiously interviewing fellow travelling performers, she struggles to find the connection she needs. And with her love interest David seemingly involved in seedy dealings, can she uncover the killers identity before she too is endangered?
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This is the first novel I read in this series, though it‘s actually the third in the chronology, and I have to admit, I have contrasting feelings about it.

The mystery was very clevel, l liked that. But the historical setting felt didascalic and many characterisations were too modern, IMO. Also, the story dragged, especially in the middle

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