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Readathon: Occasional List : Geleentheidslys | Gauteng (South Africa). Education Media Service
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It's that time again everybody!!!!! 😃😃😃

#24B4Monday @Andrew65 @jb72

Victoriahoperose Can I join? Is there a special sign up or something? 2d
TheReadingMermaid @Victoriahoperose no sweetie no special sign up. Just read and have fun with us. Post your progress throughout the weekend and tag us 😊 2d
Victoriahoperose That‘s awesome. I definitely want to join in. I have some books to tackle for the end of the month and can use some extra motivation lol. ❤️❤️❤️ 2d
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cwarnier I will be with you in spirit. My parents are coming to help me pack that weekend, so I don't see me reading much. I will make up for it during this week though :) 2d
annahenke I'm in! 2d
KathyWheeler I‘d like to join in — hopefully, I won‘t forget! 2d
Geeklet Yaaaayyy! My epic fantasy binge has killed my Goodreads goal for the year. Looking forward to doing this readathon while I paint the living room (I‘ll figure it out). I have a lot of shorter books that are calling my name. 2d
ravenlee I‘m sad to be sitting this one out. I have a gig this weekend that will eat a fair bit of both days, but I‘ll be reading when I can and cheering you all on! 2d
Andrew65 Great to have you all with us. 🍾🥂😊👏 @Victoriahoperose @cwarnier @annahenke @Geeklet @KathyWheeler Great to see those who have taken part recently but also great to also have some newcomers. Trying to choose the books I will read but given the ones I‘ve chosen I think I need the Readathon to last two weeks 😂 Think I might need to thin the pile out a bit. 🙈 (edited) 8h
Andrew65 Hope you are feeling better Tamara. 🤒😊 (edited) 8h
Sunraven Well, this sounds fun. 😁 Hopefully I‘ll be able to join — it‘ll be my first (intentional, on-social-media) readathon if I do! 🥳 12m
TheReadingMermaid @Andrew65 thank you so much sweetheart. Yes I am starting to feel better. The fever is nearly gone and my ear is still plugged but hopefully that will be better soon also. Thank you for checking in on me hun ❤️😘❤️ 10m
TheReadingMermaid @Sunraven oh my goodness that would be so wonderful if you could join us! The best part is is you get to use your own time zone so nobody gets confused 😉 9m
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Toil & Trouble | Tess Sharpe, Jessica Spotswood
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I am so sorry @amyrohn but I completely lost track of the date. 😲😲😲 I love everything girl! 😍 You did a great job!!!! Thank you so very much!!!!

#SummerSantaGoesPostal @BookishMarginalia

amyrohn Yay! I‘m glad you love everything! 4d
Avanders Lol that sticker pack! 😆😆 @amyrohn 24h
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The Book Stack | Denver, CO (Bookstore)
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BookishMarginalia Hi, Tamara! Hope all is well! Please remember to post pics of the #SummerSantaGoesPostal package that @amyrohn sent you. Thanks! 4d
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Aaaaaand GO!!! 😃


TheReadingMermaid So many, but one that comes to mind is 1w
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litenthusiast So many came to mind, but my initial thought was 1w
JazzFeathers One of the most beautiful, deep, thought-provoking books ever written 1w
rretzler Hmmm. That‘s a tough one. I know that not everyone will agree with me because this book has a lot of haters but 1w
TK421 I completely agree with @JazzFeathers 1w
Ruthiella Green Eggs and Ham! 1w
Jolynne Indian Horse 1w
Talewaggingreads Not for everyone, but worth considering as Toole was a brilliant writer who killed himself leaving behind only this one gem. 😢💗. The setting, 60's New Orleans, my era and hometown, do make me a bit biased. 4d
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@TheRomantiCate such wonderful gifts and such a wonderful package!!! I love everything so much! Sweetie you outdid yourself 😍😍😍 Thank you so very very much for everything 😘😘😘


TheRomantiCate Ahhh!! I‘m so glad you liked everything!! 2w
TheReadingMermaid @TheRomantiCate I really do, you did a great job sweetie 😘🤗😘 2w
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Stacy_31 I LOVE the “overthink this” sticker! 😂😍 2w
TheReadingMermaid Can't wait to see @Jee_HookedOnBookz open her package 😃😃😃 2w
Jee_HookedOnBookz @TheReadingMermaid just opened and posted pix! Thank you so so much, Tamara! ❤️ ❤️ 😘 Can't wait for @Gaylagal2 to open hers too! 😁 2w
ruskigurl16 @TheReadingMermaid that's lovely. Still waiting for mine, but hopefully soon. 🤞📦 1w
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Okay I just can't do this book. The descriptions are so long and drawn-out they are absolutely ridiculous. Even 100 pages in I am still completely lost as to what exactly is going on. I bailed.
So sad because I had heard such good things about this book that I had better hopes for it.
Also I feel that the over-the-top gore and sexual word usage was purely meant for shock value and filler. Or at least that is the field that the book gives off.

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MySharonaK Phew! Good thing I saw the warning before getting my daughter 8 books from the library! (I got her 7) 😂😂 2w
LibrarianRyan That‘s a good mom. 😁 2w
Readingismyescape LOVE this!! 2w
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Ladies and gentlemen I have fabulous news! The one and only Tristan Hunt has agreed to do a live reading for us next Thursday the 20th at 9 p.m. EST!!!!

I want this to be a big LIVE EVENT so let's share this as much as we can and get our friends and family involved!

Tristan Hunt has narrated over 30 audiobooks and authored over a dozen, including 3 USA Today Bestsellers✨🌟✨


BookwormAHN Fantastic 💚 2w
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I just received my #MysteryMessageSwap package today. 😆😆😆 I peeked at the card to find out who it was from before I realized what the package was. I'm sorry my head has been going in so many different directions I completely forgot this was coming. BRAIN FART! I will open the rest of the package on the 15th! I can't wait!!!! 😍😍😍

TheRomantiCate I‘m so excited for you to open it!!! 🥰🥰🥰 2w
Ddzmini Omg Card‘s!!! 🥺 I completely forgot to fill mine out... what a complete 🧠 malfunction 🙄🙌🏽 get now my swap is going to think I‘m a complete dork ... well on the positive she can enjoy using them as gift cards 😋📩💌 2w
Readingismyescape Your tattoo is amazing! 😍 2w
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TheReadingMermaid @Ddzmini I'm sure all will be well. Don't worry 2w
TheReadingMermaid @Readingismyescape thank you so much it goes all the way up my arm to the shoulder. It's the T-800 arm from Terminator 😉 2w
TheReadingMermaid @Gaylagal2 hey sweetie just checking to see if you have shipped already or not? What's your status? 😃 2w
Avanders Ooooh love that tat! ♥️ 2w
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A Merman's Choice | Alice Renaud
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This is definitely a book that is worthy of Black Velvet Seductions publishing!
Wonderful book! I highly recommend it! 🧜🏼‍♂️

Please read my full review here:

Visit Black Velvet Seductions here:

Spider-Man Vs. Venom | Todd McFarlane, David Michelinie
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May I just say, I love Todd McFarlane's art? Like seriously there are very few that can top his work. He has that classic feel but yet at the same time gives you the detail that you crave. The storylines in his comics always seem to be better too or is that just me fangirling? Nevertheless David Michelinie did a great job with the writing.🦸🦹

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Ugh 😩
Okay let me start by saying I like the main character. She is a rape victim who came out of it being stronger and better than she was before. Okay cool... moving on... it's just cliche after cliche, plot hole after plot hole.... there is so much going on that it makes your head spin. Not to mention the writing is so over-the-top it is ridiculous. I mean, come on!!! I thought only Arnold Schwarzenegger said lines that cheesy! For real! DNF

Freespirit I just saw all your posts and thought poor you...sometimes you just get a run of ordinary books😬🤣 2w
TheReadingMermaid @Freespirit yes that is true. I'm trying to clear off some room on my bookshelves because I am receiving so many ARCs I have nowhere to put them. But yes I do have a run here of not-so-great ones but I think my luck is about to change here pretty soon. I've got some good looking ones sitting right in front of me. 😍😍😍 2w
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Black Wings | Christina Henry
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NOPE! The opening scene completely turned me off of this book. It makes the main character look like a terrible person and a total douchebag to boot. I'm sorry but this kind of thing you just can't win a reader back from. DNF

Touch of Evil | C. T. Adams, Cathy Clamp
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This book is filled with completely unbelievable and stereotypical characters. It is chalked full of filler plot and not much else. And the love interest is a werewolf fireman. Yes you read that right. A WEREWOLF FIREMAN! Like bow wow calendar model! and you would think that the book would be hot if there was some sexual tension between the two main characters but there is not. On the real I just can't do it. This book is too much SMH

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It was inspiring to read the testimonials of the individuals in this book but I have to say this is not what I was looking for. I found the title to be a bit misleading. (My copy did not have the subtitle on it). I'm giving it a half rating.

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A Man Called Ove | Fredrik Backman
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This book is both heartwarming and funny however, if you do not get the certain brand of humor that this book offers then you will not get to the heartwarming part and actually feel it for what the author was trying to convey.
Ove reminds me a lot of Jack Nicholson's character from As Good As It Gets and TBH I tried three times to get through that movie and fell asleep all three times. (This is coming from a tremendous movie buff y'all).

Caterina That's interesting because I loved this book and hated that movie. 🤔 I agree on the tone/humor thing, if it's not your type then this book will not be as heartwarming! 2w
TheReadingMermaid @Caterina see that's where I had the problem I guess. The brand of humor just was not for me. I think that's what killed the entire book for me. ☹️ 2w
Caterina Bummer you didn't enjoy it. Thanks for sharing your take, I always love reading reviews with different opinions than mine! 😊 2w
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MrBook Reminded me of Nicholson‘s character too. 👍🏻 2w
ravenlee I LOATHE that movie! I saw all or most of it once and don‘t even remember much about it except that I hated it so much. Also, I have never had the least desire to read this book - and maybe I subconsciously recognized some of this parallel. I hope your book luck improves soon! 2w
TheReadingMermaid @ravenlee it just got better!!! Picked up a graphic novel by Todd McFarlane 😉💗💗💗 2w
MsLeah8417 😮😮😮😮😮😮😮 2w
marleed I think I just read that Tom Hanks wii play Ove in an American made version of this book. 2w
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I, Ripper: A Novel | Stephen Hunter
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I am a huge fan of the times and of Jack the Ripper stories. This one just didn't do it for me. 👎
The book was extremely gory which was a pleasant surprise for me but I felt like the author tried to make up for the flat parts by being overly detailed in the gore.
The characters were, dare I say, drab to say the least. Even Jack the Ripper wasn't very interesting in this book and that is sad ☹️

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Okay first of all, the template of the pages of this book is just absolutely divine! It makes the pages look like scrolls of long ago. I wish I could show you pictures! Beautiful bordering and illustrations that I wouldn't necessarily call beautiful themselves but add a certain ambience to the essays and poems written within.
This is definitely a must for anyone's library!

MrBook Ooooh! 😳😁 2w
RvnclawWhovian I love Emerson. I‘ll def have to get my hands on this 2w
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Killer Clown: The John Wayne Gacy Murders | Terry Sullivan, Peter T. Maiken
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If you like reading about play-by-play police procedures then this book is for you.
I wanted so much more out of this book than what it delivered. I wanted a little more insight into Gacy himself. This book was more of a fact delivering work instead of a story that is being told. It's just fact after fact after fact. And some facts that are told in the book need more information and we as the reader never get it. Sadness ☹️

BethM Look at you reading up a storm! 2w
TheReadingMermaid @BethM girl I have been power reading for the past 2 weeks!!! These are my spoils... Enjoy! 😘😘 2w
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This is nothing more than a rehash of the original Dracula novel set from Renfield's point of view. It offers nothing new and since most of us (hopefully) have read the original Dracula novel, this book was very tedious to read and extremely predictable.
I particularly didn't like the fact that she put Renfield on par with Dracula. No no no no no! Read your own title sweetie.

ravenlee This looks familiar. Didn‘t I send this your way? 2w
TheReadingMermaid @ravenlee I honestly don't recall where I got this book. 🤔 2w
ravenlee I think I sent it for the book drive you did in the winter. Maybe? I read it years and years ago and honestly don‘t know why I kept it on my shelf for so long. 2w
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TheReadingMermaid @ravenlee hmmm 🤔 then it must have been one that caught my eye and I wanted to read before I donated it. You know me and horror books lol. It's in my book drive pile right now however. I have a whole box that's ready to donate this year 😁 2w
ravenlee Well, hopefully someone will enjoy it. 2w
TheReadingMermaid @ravenlee somebody will. Like I said I'll be donating it this year so it'll be finding itself a new home. 😊 2w
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Stories of Mermaids: Usborne Young Reading: Series One | Russell Punter, Desideria Guicciardini
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Thank you @authormichelle.heron for this lovely new profile picture!!! 💋👏😘💗💋👏😘💗💋👏😘💗

#NoMoreAriel #NewProfilePic

Clwojick Oooooooooh 2w
Clwojick I loveeee it 😱😱😱😱😱 2w
Clwojick 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍 2w
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Leftcoastzen Lovely!👏 2w
BooknerdsLife Wow! Love it!!! 😱😍😍🧜🏼‍♀️💕💖 2w
gradcat Tamara, are you getting my emails about the swap? I‘m getting very worried.... 😟 Love your new pic, btw. ♥️ 2w
TheReadingMermaid @gradcat oh my goodness I'm so sorry I forgot to reply! Will do that today. 2w
JazzFeathers Wow!! 💙💙💙💙 2w
MrBook 😁👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 2w
gradcat Umm...I‘m still in the fog? Haven‘t heard from you or my swap partner. I‘m so sorry to bug you, but I know that package is somewhere, because the USPS says so. But today is the 11th, and it was delivered on the 1st. Just getting worried. 2w
TheReadingMermaid @gradcat Minette don't be worried sweetie. I'm sure all is well. I sent her a message and it takes a few days for her to get back to me usually. I'm sure she has the package safe and sound. She is a very forthright individual. So be at ease I have complete faith that your package is there safe and sound. She just hasn't posted about it yet. Let me try to message her again. 2w
gradcat Hi Tamara! I just sent you an email explaining what I think is a misunderstanding on my end. Sheesh—what a dope I am. Anyhoo, thanks so much for all of your help. You are so nice about it all! 🥰 2w
authormichelle.heron You're welcome hun 2w
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All in all very well done. BRAVO!!! 👏👏👏

Please read my full review here:

Reading Challenge | Casey Malarcher, Andre Janzen
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julesG Easy. My goal is 150 books and I'm at 138. 😁 3w
TheReadingMermaid @julesG I like the new profile pic 💗 looks like you're ready for summer 🌞⛱️🌊 3w
ReadingRover Mine is 300 and I‘m reading book 140 now. I‘ve read another five but haven‘t marked them because I want to write reviews. I‘m really hoping to hit 365 but I think it will be tough unless I get in a bunch of kids books really quickly. 😝 3w
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Lovesbooks87 My goal is 200 and I have read 113! 3w
Birdsong28 My goal is 45 currently on 39!!!!! 🎊🎉📚📖 3w
thewallflower0707 I had 100 like every year, but I shortened it down to 30 and am at 14 books read. 3w
julesG Thanks! Tipping my 👒 3w
biblio_ginger Mines 60 and I'm at 23, I need some reading days! 3w
Skeebies05 Its set at 60 and I‘m only at 23. Its those damn game of thrones books. Each one has more pages than the last! 😫 3w
marleed I‘m at 82 of 120 which is significantly more books than I‘ve ever read in a year but I thought I was at a place where I could meet this goal. 3w
BookishShelly 100 books, I've read 36 books, so 7 behind schedule. But I'm a weird one. I prefer being behind schedule. The whole reason I started the challenges was because I had my son and wasn't reading much. I wanted something to motivate me to read more (to not lose myself in motherhood but keep a hobby I love alive for myself) and knowing I'm behind in my goal reminds me to read more. I don't care if I don't complete it. (edited) 3w
wideeyedreader My goal is 55, I‘ve read 27 so far! I think that puts me about on schedule, actually, which is exciting! 3w
Leftcoastzen @Skeebies05 I feel your pain ! I just started reading GOT.And I pick out too many #chunksters 3w
Leftcoastzen 44/95 3 books ahead of schedule,failed at 100 goal last year so went down 5 on goal. 3w
Kelly_the_Bookish_Sidekick Goodreads is set to 36 and I've read 22. Unofficially I'd like to hit 48, and i'm right on track. I just have to get caught up on logging them into Goodreads and reviewing them. 3w
JillPill My goal is 400 and I'm at 232 right now 3w
Princess-Kingofkings 22 of 36 ~ I set my goal low this year because of my work schedule but then I discovered audiobooks. 2w
shellleigh33 My goal is 75 and I am at 32 2w
blondie Mine is only 10. I've only read 8. :/ this has been a hectic year. 2w
Caffeinated_Reader My goal is 90 this year. Currently on book 54 🥳 2w
TheSpineView My goal is 75 and I am currently at 40. 2w
BooknerdsLife I‘ve always set my goal at 36, and I‘m at 30 right now 🤗 2w
LibrarianRyan 750. I‘m 188 behind schedule. I‘m at 133 (edited) 2w
Exbrarian I set my goal at 75. I've only read 17, but I have 8 in progress and 6 of those are more than half finished. I have not given up, but I also just don't care very much. 2w
Boooooks My goal is 40 and I‘m currently at 33 might have to set it a bit higher 😱😁 2w
Boooooks @Skeebies05 me too I thought it wouldn‘t be too bad because I took a week reading game of thrones but then about 5 weeks reading clash of kings even though the book isn‘t that much longer much longer 🤷🏻‍♀️ 2w
Tex2Flo Goal of 120. Currently at 50. Lots of airplane travel will help. 2w
sblbooks 100/85 2w
Kimberlone Mine is 70, and I am currently on track at 37 read! Hoping to make a lot of progress during the summer, as that is usually my most productive reading time during the year! 2w
CaroPi 60 and I have been in a reading slump the last 2 months so I am in 22 but still hope I manage 2w
LeeRHarry 40/100 😱 2w
mhillis 59/120 📚 2w
MallloCup 6/30 I definitely was in a reading slump after moving! Slowly regaining my stride! 2w
Skeebies05 @Boooooks Yes! Why did it also take me 5 weeks to read Clash of Kings??? Here‘s hoping Storm of Swords goes a bit faster. 2w
Traci1 90/200. 2w
Godpants 47/115 hope I can get back on track since I‘ve fallen behind. 2w
4thhouseontheleft @Skeebies05 It took me weeks to get through ACoK! 2w
4thhouseontheleft 46/75, but I‘m upping my goal since I will be reading a lot of picture books for @LibrarianRyan ‘s #BBRC. 2w
bewareofwords 63/75... I think I‘ll be upping my goal this year! 2w
kaysworld1 I set mine at 55 and it's currently one 36 books read. When I get close to it I'll up it by 5 and I'll keep doing that till the end of the year x 2w
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Turn The Page | Sutton, ON, Canada (Bookstore)
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I feel like someone needs this today 💗😘💗

Leftcoastzen Nice , wonderful quote. 3w
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This Is Halloween | James A. Moore
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I'm sorry guys I just can't wait! 🎉🎃🎉
When summer is over, let the scares begin!!!!

#Scarathlon @Clwojick & ???? 🤭😈🤫

BarkingMadRun Funnnnn 3w
LauraJ Hell yeah! 💀 3w
JazzFeathers Well... 3w
See All 11 Comments
Clwojick Heck yeah! 💀🧟‍♂️🧛🏻‍♂️ 3w
WhatWouldJaneDo Yeeessss!! 3w
BookwormAHN Yeah 👻 3w
jb72 Yes! 😼 👻 🧟‍♀️ 🧞‍♀️🧛🏻‍♀️🧚🏻‍♀️🦸🏼‍♀️🦹🏼‍♀️ 3w
4thhouseontheleft I‘m hosting #screamathon again this year, for the 3rd year, with some extras I have been planning for a while. If you or @Clwojick want to coordinate w/ me to ensure we are doing different things within a similar theme, let me know. The hashtags are fairly similar, so it might get confusing for some people! Obviously, a lot of us Littens love Halloween. 😂 2w
TheReadingMermaid @4thhouseontheleft yes I think that would be a great idea! Can we talk via Instagram messaging or Facebook messaging? 2w
TheReadingMermaid I'm Tamara Kerr on FB, & the_reading_mermaid on IG 2w
4thhouseontheleft Sorry, I‘ve been swamped! I‘m alisiabergsman on IG. 2w
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Unknown Book 7534880 | Unknown Unknown
post image

?????? "you muppet" ??????

This is from A Merman's Choice by Alice Renaud

Curiouser_and_curiouser Funny! I can't seem to find the book on here. Nor the author. 3w
TheReadingMermaid It's a new book by a debut author. You can find it on Amazon: A Merman's Choice (Sea of Love Book 1) https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07L2Z3BY3/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_i_oWy-CbW1ZX3PR 3w
TheReadingMermaid @Lorene ⬆️⬆️⬆️ 3w
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Readathon: Occasional List : Geleentheidslys | Gauteng (South Africa). Education Media Service
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Ladies and gentlemen we have a brand new co-host for our #24B4Monday readathon!!!!
Please help me welcome the lovely @jb72 to our readathon team!!! 🎉🎉🎉🎉
She will be helping with our Goodreads portion of the readathon. She's a fantastic host and a great motivator! I am so thrilled to have her on our team ❤️


Brewychock48 Welcome @jb72 😍😊 3w
wanderinglynn Yay @jb72 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻🎉🥳 3w
Andrew65 Welcome @jb72 🙌👏🥳 3w
See All 11 Comments
jb72 Thank you all so much! @TheReadingMermaid @Brewychock48 @wanderinglynn @Andrew65 You all are so awesome! Thanks! (edited) 3w
TheSpineView That's awesome! Welcome!👏👏👏 3w
BooknerdsLife Yay! Welcome @jb72 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼🎉🎉 3w
AceOnRoam Nice one @jb72 Do you have the GR link? 3w
jb72 @AceOnRoam ☝🏻 🤞🏻 let‘s hope it works. 3w
AceOnRoam @jb72 Yes, it worked I have joined the group xx 3w
jb72 @AceOnRoam Yay! So glad to have you aboard! 3w
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Summer Santa | Ward Maia
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It's here!!!! @amyrohn 💗💗💗
I can't wait to open it!!!

#SummerSantaGoesPostal @BookishMarginalia

amyrohn Yay!! 3w
TheReadingMermaid @Ddzmini hey sweetie did you ever receive your package for the mystery message swap? Please let me know ASAP 😘 2w
Ddzmini @TheReadingMermaid see my post... and yes (edited) 2w
TheReadingMermaid @Ddzmini thanks love 😘😘 2w
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A Monster Calls | Patrick Ness, Siobhan Dowd
post image

I wouldn't recommend this book to anyone. But I would definitely recommend this to certain folks. Perhaps those who have gone through a battle with cancer either themselves or with a loved one. Be cautioned though, the ending will pull your heart right out 💔

Please read my full review here:

celeste.guse I read this book in one sitting a few years ago and sat in my room sobbing for at least half an hour after. Incredibly moving, I usually put this as my favorite book. Patrick Ness is a beautiful writer. 3w
IamIamIam I have this on my TBR and it looks gut wrenching. I love books that you wouldn't recommend but are necessary. I'll bump this up, maybe for #Booked2019 3w
ehewett88 I watched the film first as i didn't realise it was a book as well and i still sobbed my heart out while reading 3w
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Make Me | Lee Child
post image

It's that time again everybody! Time to post your stacks for the #MakeMeReadIt #Readathon 🎉🎉🎉

Let's start posting so everybody can start voting!
For everybody who hasn't done this before, what we are doing is posting our reading stacks for the month of July & everyone will vote on the order in which you will read them. The book with the most votes you read first, second most votes you read second and so on.

It's really fun! Join us! 😃

CoffeeNBooks I loved this last year! 3w
Bookwormjillk So fun! 3w
jb72 Ooooo this sounds fun! 🤔 working on my stack now. 3w
See All 15 Comments
SleepyDragon I think I'm going to opt out of this one. I'm way too stressed out to even think about reading right now. My 3.5 yr old son had a medical emergency today, th and my mom is having surgery. I won't go into detail since I iust posted about it, but I can't even concentrate on anything right now. 3w
TheReadingMermaid @SleepyDragon oh no! 😲 I'm so sorry to hear about all that. Do what you got to do and take your time getting back to reading. Much love to you and yours ❤️❤️❤️ 3w
RainyDayReading Yay so excited! I loved doing this last time! Time to get my stack together 😈 2w
kaysworld1 Just found your post I'm in.... What do we have to do? I have my stack ready 📚😎 2w
TheReadingMermaid @kaysworld1 awesome sweetie! All you have to do is post a picture of your to be read stack for July, then people will vote on which books they want you to read. The book with the most votes you will read first and then so on and so forth. It's a super fun way to get through your TBR stack. 😊 2w
SaturnDoo I think I am going to jump in this time. 😊 It looks like everyone had fun last time. Going to get a stack together and get it posted❤❤❤ 2w
CSeydel Can‘t believe it‘s already time for this again! Where does the time go? 2w
Bookgoil When does the readathon run til? 2w
TheReadingMermaid @CSeydel IKR? Time flies!!! 2w
TheReadingMermaid @Bookgoil WE Post our stacks for voting this month in June and then we read the stocks that we have posted in July in the order that people have voted on. 2w
Bookgoil Thanks!! 2w
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I honestly can't say that I would recommend this book and that makes me very very very sad. Most people that are going to be reading this book are big fans of the film and if you are a big fan of the film, unfortunately like most sequels, you will be disappointed here.

Please read my full review here:

The Hangman's Daughter | Oliver Pötzsch, Lee Chadeayne
post image

All in all it was a very good and enjoyable read. I really did enjoy it. And I would definitely recommend it to those looking for a good historical fiction.

Please read my full review here:

58 likes2 stack adds
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Wooohooo!!!! We have our winner!!!
Congratulations @BookwormAHN 👏👏🎉🎉🎉

Please shoot me an email with both your mailing address and your email address and Cassandra and I will get your prizes out to you!

#MayMadness @Clwojick

wanderinglynn Congrats @BookwormAHN 🎉👏🏻🥳 3w
AmyG Yay! Congrats! @BookwormAHN 🎉🎉🎉 3w
See All 9 Comments
Clwojick Congrats! Thanks for participating 🧡♥️ 3w
BookwormAHN Done, thanks 😸 3w
jb72 Congratulations 🎈🎉🍾🎊 3w
umbrellagirl Congratulations Ashley!! 3w
MartinaLove Congratulations @BookwormAHN 👏🏻 3w
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Inkdeath | Cornelia Funke
post image
39 likes1 stack add14 comments
post image

kaysworld1 This is the second break and I have to admit I'm liking them so far but then again who doesn't love vampires 3w
jb72 I just got it from the library today. 3w
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The New Games Book | Andrew Fluegelman
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Aaaaaand GO! 😃 #NameABookGame

Branwen As corny as this sounds...Eat, Pray, Love, by Elizabeth Gilbert seriously changed my life! It was the first book that made me realize that my life was my own and that I had a right to my own happiness! 😊 3w
LogiKitty Unf*ck your habitat! It helped me to see why I perceive cleaning as my impossible task and reminded me to ask for help 💝 3w
Eggs Dandelion Wine 🍷 it brought back to me the simplicity and magic of childhood, imagination, and how when a family member dies, they live on within you 3w
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BiblioLitten @Eggs 💜😊 3w
TheLibraryMonster A Monster Calls (edited) 3w
AsYouWish Sweetbitter because it brought me to Litsy. And Litsy has been life changing for me! (edited) 3w
CoverToCoverGirl My reading story really began in earnest with the discovery of the Nancy Drew series ♥️ 3w
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The Radical King | Martin Luther King (Jr.)
post image
IndoorDame One of my favorite quotes! 3w
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Guys, guys... I HAVE to share this! I may or may not be featured on page 25 of this magazine issue!!!!!

Check out this issue and more here:

TheSpineView Awesome! Congrats! 👏👏👏 4w
StayCurious That‘s so cool! I love Blush! 4w
BooknerdsLife Awww that‘s so cool!!! 👏🏼👏🏼👍🏼 4w
See All 10 Comments
Princess-Kingofkings You are a star! 🌟 4w
IndoorDame That‘s awesome! You rock!💓 4w
CoverToCoverGirl Congrats! 4w
jb72 That is amazing! Congratulations 🎊🎈🍾 4w
rohit-sawant Congrats! 4w
SW-T Congrats to you 😊 3w
Klowman78 Awesome friend 3w
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My Ideal Bookshelf | Thessaly La Force
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All right everybody, it's time for the super mega ultra challenge for the month of May! And we've got a fantastic game for you!

Simply watch the video and guess how many books I have on my shelves. Think of it like the jelly beans in the jar game. The one that guesses closest to the actual number wins the grand prize!!!! 💗📦💗

Watch the video here:

#MayMadness @Clwojick @RadicalReader

Soubhiville Books behind the books! Time for more shelves! 4w
Soubhiville Can I guess here, or only on YouTube, cuz I‘m not sure of my password to sign in over there... if here is ok I‘m going to guess there are about... 385 books in your library. 4w
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TheReadingMermaid @Soubhiville girl I have been asking for more bookshelves for Christmas and my birthday and it just doesn't seem to be happening. I think my husband is afraid if he buys me another shelf that there will be even more books involved.... And he's right!!! 😂😂😂 4w
TheReadingMermaid And yes guessing here is totally fine 4w
Clwojick 523 ♥️ 4w
julesG You definitely need more shelves. It looks like my madness before I went and got a new shelf. Let me guess,.... 578 books, give or take a few. 😜 4w
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Welcome Aboard | Victoria Farnsworth
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Everybody I would like you to help me welcome a very very special new member to our family. I would like you to welcome, my new business partner, @BVSbooks to Litsy!

If you like romance, these are the books to check out!

@LitsyWelcomeWagon @MrBook @Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks @BookishMarginalia @Andrew65 @Chelleo @authormichelle.heron @Clwojick @jb72 @whatshesreadingnow @MaleficentBookDragon

AmyG Welcome! 4w
See All 45 Comments
EadieB @bvsbooks Welcome! You will love it here! 4w
TheRomantiCate Welcome @BVSbooks!!! I love that name, Black Velvet Seductions 😍🖤 (edited) 4w
Schnoebs Welcome!!!!!! Hope you enjoy this community as much as we do @BVSbooks 4w
Birdsong28 Thanks for the tag @TheReadingMermaid Welcome to Litsy @BVSbooks 🎊🎉📚📖 4w
TheSpineView Welcome to Litsy! The best book community around! 💜📚 4w
BookwormAHN @BVSbooks Great name. Welcome to Litsy and 😺 4w
julesG Welcome to Litsy! @BVSbooks 4w
kezzlou85 Welcome to Litsy, it's a wonderful place. @BVSbooks 4w
stacybmartin @BVSbooks - welcome to Litsy! 🎉💙🎉 4w
hermyknee Welcome to Litsy! 4w
MySharonaK Welcome to Litsy!! 🌸🥳 4w
AsYouWish @BVSbooks Welcome to Litsy!!!! 📚🎉📖🎊 4w
jb72 Welcome 🎈😎🎉 4w
cobwebmoth @BVSbooks Welcome to Litsy! 4w
jillannjohn Welcome! 4w
Andrew65 Welcome to Litsy @BVSbooks 🤗 4w
wanderinglynn Welcome to Litsy @BVSbooks 👋🏻 4w
Librarybelle Welcome to Litsy, @BVSbooks ! And, thank you for the tag, @TheReadingMermaid ! 4w
MoonWitch94 Welcome!!!! 💕 4w
Rissa1 🙋‍♀️ 4w
IamIamIam YAY!!! Congrats and welcome, @BVSbooks!!! @theresidentromantic 😍 4w
Princess-Kingofkings Happy to have you here @BVSbooks! 🍾 4w
gradcat Thanks for letting me in on this & congratulations, I think? Anyway, welcome to Litsy @BVSbooks ! 4w
Whimsical.Curiosity Wooooooooo!!! Welcome welcome!!! 💋💋💋 4w
SW-T @BVSbooks Welcome to Litsy! 4w
PathfinderNicole Welcome to Litsy @BVSbooks 🥳🥳! 4w
ravenlee Thanks for the tag! Welcome, @BVSbooks ! 4w
Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks Welcome to Litsy @BVSbooks 🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉 4w
TheReadingMermaid On behalf of @BVSbooks thank you all so very much for the warm welcome. This is a great place and it's getting even better by the day! Thank you all 💗❤️😘🤗😘❤️💗 4w
JacqMac Welcome to Litsy @BVSbooks 😊 4w
TK421 @BVSbooks Welcome to Litsy!☺ 4w
BooknerdsLife @BVSbooks Welcome to Litsy 🤗📚💖 4w
Jee_HookedOnBookz Welcome to Litsy @BVSbooks! 💕 4w
Ddzmini Welcome to Litsy happy reading 📖 😋 4w
Samplergal Welcome to Litsy! 4w
HOTPock3tt Welcome to litsy!!! 📚 🤗♥️ @BVSbooks 3w
MrBook Welcome to the #LitsyFamily, @BVSbooks !!! 😁👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 3w
authormichelle.heron 👏👏👏💛 3w
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We've got a fun #MiniChallenge for you guys!!!

Post a #Shelfie !!!!!! 📸

#MayMadness @Clwojick @RadicalReader

Jee_HookedOnBookz Hey there beautiful you! 😊 4w
TheReadingMermaid @Jee_HookedOnBookz awe hey sweetie!!! 👋😁 4w
whatshesreadingnow Love it!! 😍 4w
See All 12 Comments
Princess-Kingofkings I love seeing you and Edgar Allan Poe together! 📖🤣 4w
RadicalReader What a wonderful Shelfie 4w
TheReadingMermaid @Princess-Kingofkings Me too girl! 4w
TheReadingMermaid @RadicalReader awe thanks sweetie 4w
BookwormAHN Nice 💜 4w
BooknerdsLife Awww hello there gorgeous 🙌🏼💙 I love your shelfie 😍 📚📚💖 4w
TheReadingMermaid @BooknerdsLife awe thank you sweetheart 💗 4w
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Send Me Some Love In The Mailbox | Cherie M Turlington
post image

My #SummerSantaGoesPostal was mailed out today.

Also mailed out my #MysteryMessageSwap package

I can't wait until everybody receives and opens what I've sent ❤️🤩🤩🤩❤️

ruskigurl16 Hi. I don't mean to bother you, but I have yet to receive my #MysteryMessageSwap box. I know the deadline to open them is fairly soon? :( 2w
TheReadingMermaid @ruskigurl16 hey sweetie. You're not bothering me. just to let you know your swap partner always sends it out a little late but she usually sends it out priority mail so it's there within 2 days. I'll send her a message and remind her but you're good to go sweetie. Never fear 😉 2w
ruskigurl16 @TheReadingMermaid thank you for the response. And I know you're a pro at this, so everything will work out! 😊 2w
TheReadingMermaid @ruskigurl16 awe thanks sweetheart I appreciate the vote of confidence. It really means a lot to me. I'm sure your package will be on its way very soon if it's not already. 2w
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My Favorite Book | Regina McClinton Jackson
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All right everybody, we want to know what your favorite book for the month of May was. ❤️❤️❤️

Please comment below ⬇️⬇️⬇️

#Maymadness @Clwojick @RadicalReader

wanderinglynn Out of my #MayMadness reads, I‘d have to go with Spot, the Cat & Paddington. ❤️ 4w
BookHoarder32 So tough 🤔 - King of Fools (Shadow Game #2) and 4w
4thhouseontheleft It‘s a tie between Far From the Tree and. Calypso. 4w
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Tornadoes! | Gail Gibbons
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I just wanted to let everybody know that me and my family are safe from the tornadoes that ripped through Dayton and the surrounding counties last night. Many people that I know have lost things. Some people have lost everything. It was a terrible storm.

Today the storm has passed, but I'm asking for prayers and good wishes for those who were less fortunate than me and my family. 💗🙏💗

#DaytonTornadoes #XeniaOhioTornadoes

TheReadingMermaid @Chelleo do you want to get a group check-in going? 1mo
Mitch Thinking of you. ❤️❤️❤️❤️ 1mo
cobwebmoth Glad you're okay. The storms went just north of us, but the area where my in-laws live has a bunch of damage. 1mo
See All 21 Comments
MelissaSue81 Glad you are safe. 💗 1mo
TheReadingMermaid @cobwebmoth you and @TK421 are the first ones I thought of. I'm so glad you guys are safe 💗💗💗 1mo
Andrew65 Great to hear you are okay. Snding my thoughts and best wishes to everyone that was in its path. 1mo
AmyG Omg...I was thinking of you. Happy to hear you are safe...and praying for those who were hit. 1mo
marleed I‘m glad you‘re okay. I‘m getting my basement bag right now as we look to have severe weather today. I have a basement so all is well for me. 1mo
Jee_HookedOnBookz So so happy that you and your family are safe! Praying for all those who are affected 🙏 1mo
eri.reads So glad ur ok! Prayers 🙏 for you and all those who have lived through it with no losses and with losses. God bless. 1mo
TheSpineView So glad you are safe! Prayers for everyone! 1mo
AnansiGirl Oh wow I wasn‘t aware of any tornadoes. Glad you‘re safe and sending hugs to those affected. 1mo
BookwormAHN I'm do glad you and your family are safe 🍀 1mo
Eggs 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻 for all 1mo
TK421 I'm glad to hear that you are ok. Those were some nasty storms last night. I've never ever heard of a tornado hitting that part of Dayton before. There is a ton of damage from Dayton all the way up to Celina. 1mo
Clwojick Glad to hear you‘re okay. 💕 1mo
gradcat So glad you‘re okay, Tamara. We just went through a series of these tornadoes, though I don‘t think we were hit as hard. Thinking of you & all of your fellow Daytonians, hoping everyone pulls though it all. ♥️ 1mo
JacqMac So glad you‘re ok. I have a friend there and her family and home are ok, too. It was a mighty scary storm. 1mo
jb72 I‘m glad to hear you‘re okay. My daughter lives up that way and she said one touched down just a few streets away. 1mo
whatshesreadingnow So happy to hear y‘all are safe and okay. Sending prayers to everyone in its wake. 🙏🏻🙏🏻 1mo
tdrosebud I'm glad to hear you're okay! Tornadoes can be so frightening and can hit so quickly. I've seen a lot of pictures of the damage since I'm just down in Cincy, also alot from Celina since it neighbors my hometown. First thing I did Tuesday was check on my parents. 1mo
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Memorial Day | Helen Frost
post image

Happy Memorial Day everybody! We celebrate today in remembrance of those who have died in active service in the military. And today I would like to do so in a bookish way...

Can you name any authors who have served in the military? (Doesn't have to be US military services. Living or dead). Let us remember and honor them today by naming them off. 😊


DePaepe Kurt Vonnegut Jr. gave me a new found zest for reading when I was younger. 1mo
whatshesreadingnow Joseph Heller, I just finished Catch-22 a few days ago 💙 1mo
AnansiGirl Though I‘ve only read The Hobbit and the remaining LotR series are on my tbr. I give my respect to JRR Tolkien. 1mo
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AmyG Hemingway, Joseph Heller and Tim O‘Brien are the ones I know of. 1mo
mrp27 J.D. Salinger 1mo
jb72 Julia Child 1mo
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Welcome Aboard | Victoria Farnsworth
post image
authormichelle.heron Awh thank you so much 1mo
Clwojick Welcome to Litsy! I‘m sure you‘ll enjoy it here. 💕♥️💙 1mo
AsYouWish @authormichelle.heron Welcome to Litsy!!!! 📚🎉📖🎊 1mo
See All 35 Comments
authormichelle.heron @Clwojick thank you. Glad to be here.
JessClark78 Welcome to Litsy! @authormichelle.heron 📚❤️ 1mo
CoffeeNBooks Welcome to Litsy @authormichelle.heron! 📚 1mo
TheRomantiCate Welcome welcome welcome!! 🤩🎉📚💖 1mo
wanderinglynn Welcome to Litsy @authormichelle.heron 👋🏻 1mo
jb72 Welcome to Litsy! Great to have you aboard. 🎈 1mo
CoverToCoverGirl Well hello there! 1mo
cobwebmoth @authormichelle.heron Welcome to Litsy! 1mo
Jee_HookedOnBookz Welcome to the most awesome place in the universe for book lovers, @authormichelle.heron! 📚 💃🏽 📖🎉☕ 1mo
authormichelle.heron @Jee_HookedOnBookz thank you. 😘 I can't wait to build up my page. 1mo
robinb Welcome to Litsy Land! 😊 1mo
whatshesreadingnow Welcome to Litsy @authormichelle.heron! 🎉📚💕 1mo
thereadingunicorn ᴡᴇʟᴄᴏᴍᴇ 1mo
Eggbeater Welcome to Litsy! @authormichelle.heron 🐙 1mo
authormichelle.heron @Eggbeater thanks you 🐚 1mo
RainyDayReading Welcome to Litsy! @authormichelle.heron 1mo
Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks Welcome to Litsy @authormichelle.heron 🎉🎉🎉 1mo
Andrew65 Welcome to Litsy @authormichelle.heron 1mo
JoScho Thanks so much for the tag! 🥰 Welcome to Litsy @authormichelle.heron I hope you love it here! 1mo
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post image

May is get caught reading month! We are also celebrating banned books this week. So for this week's #WeeklyChallenge we have devised a way to celebrate both.

Take a selfie or have somebody take a picture of you reading a Banned Book. Then post it and tag us! Get creative and have fun with it but most of all get caught reading!!!! 🤩🤩🤩

#MayMadness @Clwojick @RadicalReader

authormichelle.heron I loved Archie Comics 1mo
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post image

So I know a lot of you have been doing this already but we wanted to see your banned books!

This week's #MiniChallenge for #MayMadness is to post your stack of (or your favorite) banned books!!!

@Clwojick @RadicalReader

Red Noses | Peter Barnes
post image

Happy Red Nose Day!!! ❤️❤️❤️
This year I'm helping children receive school supplies and books that they desperately need.

For more information or for you to make your own donation please visit:



jb72 That‘s fantastic!! 1mo
Kathrin 👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽 1mo
BookwormAHN Way to go 👏🏻 1mo
See All 8 Comments
BooknerdsLife That's fantastic 🤗💖 And your tattoo is so cool!!! 😍😍👍 1mo
TheReadingMermaid @BooknerdsLife why thank you so much darlin! It took 5 for our sessions to complete. And it cost a pretty penny 😂 1mo
BooknerdsLife @TheReadingMermaid Oh my! 5 four hours sessions? That‘s insane but just by looking at it in this photo, it already looks awesome & I‘m sure it‘s totally worth it! 👍🏼😍 1mo
whatshesreadingnow You go girl!! You‘re so amazing - such a big heart!!! 👏🏻👏🏻☺️💗 1mo
TheReadingMermaid @jb72 @Kathrin @BookwormAHN @whatshesreadingnow thank you so much you guys. It is my pleasure to give to those who are in need. 💗🤗💗 1mo
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The Hangman's Daughter | Oliver Pötzsch, Lee Chadeayne
post image

Okay guys we've got one day until the big day starts! Time to post those stacks!!

What will you be reading during #24B4Monday ???
What is your time goal? 😃

#MayMadness #BannedBooks #Readathon
@Andrew65 @Clwojick @RadicalReader

ehewett88 I loves a monster calls brilliant book, I saw th film first so couldn't help but hear liam Neeson throughout (not a bad thing in my opinion haha) but the book is beautifully written and the reason behind him writing the story is also so heartbreaking and sweet 1mo
Andrew65 Were any of these banned books, @TheReadingMermaid ? 1mo
Andrew65 @ehewett88 I need to read A Monster Calls. I read and loved this trilogy of his. 1mo
See All 25 Comments
TheReadingMermaid @Andrew65 no, but I might be able to squeeze in Alice in Wonderland for the read-a-thon 😉 1mo
ehewett88 @Andrew65 I haven't read any more of his but I will have a look into them 1mo
Andrew65 @ehewett88 Hope you enjoy the trilogy when you get to it. 1mo
PurpleyPumpkin Yes, I'm really looking forward to my first #24B4Monday #Readathon! Not sure how much I'll get through, but I'm willing to try. 😉🙌🏽 1mo
TheReadingMermaid @PurpleyPumpkin congratulations on your first read-a-thon with us darlin! I'm so happy that you'll be with us. And no worries go ahead and test yourself on what you can do and then make your goals next month accordingly. 😉 1mo
PurpleyPumpkin Thank you for the warm welcome! And yes, you're right. I'll challenge myself and see how it goes. 👍🏽 1mo
LoverofLit Thr Hangman's Daughter was a pleasant surprise read. I also sobbed through A Monster Calls. It was one of my favorite reads of last year! 1mo
TheReadingMermaid @LoverofLit girl I have been wanting to read A Monster Calls for so long! I just found out that there was a movie adaptation to it 😲😲😲 1mo
ehewett88 @Andrew65 thanks 😀 1mo
ehewett88 @TheReadingMermaid the film is so beautiful plus liam Neeson as the tree is just amazing 1mo
Andrew65 Hope you enjoy Alice in Wonderland. @TheReadingMermaid 1mo
TheReadingMermaid @Andrew65 thanks love ❤️ I hope you enjoy your picks as well 1mo
Andrew65 @TheReadingMermaid Would you believe with one hour to go still finalising them! 1mo
TheReadingMermaid @Andrew65 it's okay sweetie you've had a very busy week. 1mo
LogiKitty OMG! is banned books the theme? that's amazing! (I don't think I can participate in that part of #24B4Monday because I'm on such a role with the books I have, but I want to do more reading this time!) Woop! I'm excited! 1mo
TheReadingMermaid @LogiKitty it is the theme! Isn't that exciting? And you would be surprised how many books are on the banned books list. Who knows there may be a couple in your TBR stacks 😉 1mo
LogiKitty @TheReadingMermaid this IS incredibly exciting! I should look it up, huh? Maybe I will be surprised 😂 1mo
TheReadingMermaid @LogiKitty girl some of those on that list I was so dang surprised! Some of them I was like "Hu? Wait, WHAAAT???" ???? 1mo
BooknerdsLife @TheReadingMermaid Love this! 🙌📚🚫💖 as I was searching for list of banned books I was so surprised how many of the books I've read were banned before! 1mo
TheReadingMermaid @BooknerdsLife IKR??? It's crazy! 1mo
xxjenadanxx Darn it! I totally forgot to join the fun this month 😭. But The Hollows Series by Kim Harrison is one of my all time favorites, so enjoy!! 1mo
TheReadingMermaid @xxjenadanxx don't worry sweetie we'll be back next month! 😉 1mo
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