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Spells for Change
Spells for Change: A Guide for Modern Witches | Frankie Castanea
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Forget warts and cauldronsa new generation of witches is on the rise. From justice spells to protective charms, Frankie Castanea brings their fresh style to an ancient practice, showing that contemporary witchcraft is a powerful force for good and a tool for manifesting positive change. Modern-day witches are a blend of the old and the new. They travel to the grocery store, work nine-to-five jobs, and teach in our classrooms. They also carry black tourmaline and quartz, and wave bay and rosemary bundles over their doorways. Within an ancient and sacred practice, a new type of Craft has taken hold: one that combines the power of action with energy and intent, prioritizes self-realization, and matches its activism with manifestation. With chapters on meditation, grounding, cleansing, banishing, binding, and more, Spells for Change will help the modern witch create change within the hearth, the heart, and the worldone spell at a time.
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This is a soft pick for me. As I‘m not the target audience for it, it‘s difficult for me to rate. This book would be a good intro book for someone who‘s interested in learning about witchcraft from a non-Wiccan perspective. Honestly, I didn‘t learn much from this, but that doesn‘t mean it isn‘t a good book. It‘s just geared toward beginners. If you‘re looking for an overview book with some spells & a friendly & inclusive tone, check this out. ⬇️

slategreyskies (Cont.) As a bonus, this is available on #Hoopla. For me, it‘s a #borrownotbuy. I‘d give it ⭐️⭐️⭐️. If I was just starting out, I‘d probably have given it 4. #witchy 2mo
slategreyskies Also, the author is Chaotic Witch Aunt on social media. I love watching her on YouTube, and she also hosts a podcast with Matt Hatter Plays that‘s enjoyable too. 2mo
dylanisreading I'm looking at your different posts about spell and witchy books. Don't mind me. 😅 2mo
slategreyskies @dylanisreading ah, that‘s why I write them. That, and I sometimes forget if I read a book or not. Then, it can help to give me a refresher about what I thought about one. Lol :) 2mo
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