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The Boylan House Trilogy
The Boylan House Trilogy | Ron Ripley
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For nearly three and a half centuries, the Boylan House has stood at the end of Meeting House Road. And something in that house has been killing boys for centuries. The town of Monson is a quaint and quiet New England town. Yet the house the Boylan House is terrifying and has been for as long as anyone can remember. Adults put the thing out of mind and ignore the fears of their children, admonishing them to stay away. Too many boys have vanished into the swamps behind the house. Bodies never recovered. Nothing ever recovered. The families are left with their memories and the disturbing thought that the Boylan House had something to do with it. Mason Philips knows better than that. He knows that there's something in the house. Something evil. Something hunting children from time to time. And Mason has decided that it's time for the killing to stop. The Boylan House Trilogy contains: 1. The Boylan House 2. Discoveries 3. The Deadwood Throne
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This book is full of superfluous commas, and could have used additional editing, but the story is #creepy as hell, so it was worth the angst. This trilogy is actually just one novel in three parts, plus bonus material, and normally that practice annoys me, but not this time. BEWARE the trap door ABOVE the porch! 👻👹💀 Highly recommended! I rate this ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️/5 (5⭐️ for storyline, 3⭐️ for editing) #haunted #paranormal #October #ghost #scary

IheartYA The commas would have annoyed me too much. Run on sentences or fragment sentences also cause me to DNF. 13mo
Arcana @IheartYA I LOVE a creepy haunted house book, so I took a chance. I was warned by the online reviews, and thus ready to deal with the editing issues. Honestly, I‘ve seen worse. (And it was worth the struggle!) ❤️👻🏚 13mo
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