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Cold Equations: Silent Weapons
Cold Equations: Silent Weapons: Book Two | David Mack
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Book Two in the New York Times bestselling Cold Equations trilogy set in the expanded universe of Star Trek: The Next Generation! A WAR OF LIES Three years after the disastrous final Borg Invasion, a bitter cold war against the Typhon Pact has pushed Starfleets resources to the breaking point. Now the rise of a dangerous new technology threatens to destroy the Federation from within. Captain Jean-Luc Picard and the Enterprise crew answer a distress call from an old friend, only to become targets in a deadly game of deception. To protect a vital diplomatic mission, they must find a way to identify the spies hiding in their midst, before its too late. But Worf soon realizes the crews every move has been predicted: Someone is using them as pawns. And the closer they get to exposing their enemy, the deeper they spiral into its trap
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Picard is taken aback by the state of my uniform—er, sweatshirt—while Sage waits patiently for a beam-up.

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But confronted by an ethos that glorified individual selfishness at the expense of society, which let a select few reign as oligarchs over a permanent underclass that was brainwashed to adore them for it, she was tempted to rebel against Starfleet's open-minded policy of noninterference and start leveling the Orions' economic playing fields, one dead robber baron at a time.

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