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Eden: A Novel | Yael Hedaya
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I hope it‘s never too late to read and review a book for #LibraryThing #EarlyReviewer as I received this book in 2010. Uh oh! Anyway, it‘s a book about complicated relationships between families on a fictitious #moshav in #Israel. It‘s very detailed. I think it also helps to have a firsthand knowledge about day-to-day life in Israel to pick up on some subtleties of this novel.

Swe_Eva I loved that one when I read it for LTER. In 2010... 😂😂😂 Better late than never. 👍🏻 4mo
SqueakyChu @Swe_Eva It is sooo detailed and goes on FOREVER! I‘m taking an intermission from it now, but I WILL finish it. 😃 (edited) 4mo
Swe_Eva @SqueakyChu 😂 I didn‘t mind that, but you may want to check out her novellas instead. 😉 It has more DRAMA than her others that I‘ve read, but I think right before this one she became a TV writer, so that may have caused it. 4mo
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SqueakyChu @Swe_Eva I still have an unread book by her that YOU sent me back in 2010. 😳 It‘s called “Accidents”. I might have to read that one next! 😃 4mo
Swe_Eva @SqueakyChu I liked that one very much, hope you do too! 4mo
SqueakyChu @Swe_Eva I‘ll let you know in another nine years or less! 😉 📖 4mo
Swe_Eva @SqueakyChu 😂😂😂 4mo
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