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The Institute | Stephen King
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I know everyone‘s really excited for the new Atwood, which I will read eventually, but I‘m over here doing a happy dance for the new King 😁 saving it for the weekend!

FantasyChick Mine shipped yesterday and I'm going to be stalking the tracking until it comes in! So excited for this one 1w
Oryx I'm excited for this one too. Sounds like my fav type of King. I'll hopefully pick up a copy soon. Look forward to hearing what you think of it. 1w
AmyG Please let us onow what you think of this. Ha, I will probably buy it anyway. 1w
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Leftcoastzen I want it too! New Rushdie today as well.#bigbookfall 1w
NovelGirl82 I have this and the new Atwood waiting on me at B&N!!! So excited for them both!! 1w
LibrarianRyan I like that cover. I don't think that is the US cover. Its so much better than the one I have seen being advertised. 1w
Cinfhen Staying true to you!!!! 1w
TrishB @FantasyChick @Oryx @AmyG @Leftcoastzen @NovelGirl82 @LibrarianRyan @Cinfhen whether I can actually leave until the weekend remains to be seen..... 1w
Cathythoughts I didn‘t know he had a new one 👍🏻look forward to your thoughts 1w
kezzlou85 Me too. Was eagerly awaiting the delivery man. 1w
TorieStorieS I picked up my physical copy today- but forgot that I had pre-ordered the audio! 🤣🤣🤣 1w
TrishB @Cathythoughts I‘ve just finished my current read and it‘s calling to me now!! 1w
TrishB @kezzlou85 👍🏻 1w
TrishB @TorieStorieS that sounds like something I‘d do! 1w
TorieStorieS Yeah- I wish I could say this was the first time this had happened.... Oh well! I think I have every format of IT except for the snazzy new trade version! 🤷‍♀️ 1w
eri.reads Yep I've snagged my copy of this also!!! 🥳🥳 1w
LeahBergen I prefer this UK cover. 👍🏻 1w
Andrew65 Will be interested to see what you think. Also got the new Peter Robinson book next week. (edited) 1w
AlaMich That cover! I haven‘t even seen the US version but I already know the UK version is better. 1w
batsy Love the UK cover! 7d
TrishB @eri.reads cool 👍🏻 7d
TrishB @LeahBergen @AlaMich @batsy I definitely prefer the U.K. cover. 7d
TrishB @Andrew65 I haven‘t read any of the Peter Robinson series! It‘s another must get to! 7d
Andrew65 @TrishB Definitely, all 26 of them. 😳 7d
TrishB @Andrew65 is it the Inspector Banks series? Just checking 😁 There are some 99p offers. 7d
Andrew65 @TrishB Yes, that‘s the series. Just be aware it takes a few to really get going, but is one of my favourite detective series. 6d
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