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Great job again to everyone who participated in the #24in48 #readathon. You guys make the long hours of prepping and the sleepless weekend worth it. If you haven't checked in on the Hour 48 post, please do and fill out the survey. I'd love your feedback. Also, everyone that signed up will get an email in the next week with a discount to the @bookriot store as thanks. Lastly, mark your calendars; the next 'thon will be July 22-23, 2017!

Joybishoptx Thanks so much for all your work! It was great fun!!! 2y
AmbityScambity 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 2y
ValerieAndBooks Thank you!! 2y
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AnnieReads Thanks for all the work on this. The reading challenge was terrific fun! 2y
[DELETED] 1409720085 Thank you so much! It was a wonderful weekend! 2y
BooksForYears Thank you for all the hard work!!! 👏👏👏 2y
Lis Thank you, it was a lovely weekend 💕 Very appreciative for everything you do x 2y
LeahBergen Thank you!! ❤❤ 2y
DebinHawaii Thank you! It was marvelous! 🎉📚💜👍 2y
awishman July dates noted in the calendar. Think my kids will have a weekend at Grandma's during the next #24in48 so I can try my first one! 2y
HardcoverHearts Fantastic job, everyone who moderated and all who participated!! Thank you all so much. 2y
Cinfhen Was fun to participate, thanks for all your hard work💕 2y
tmmahaffey Thank you!! 👍🏼🏅📚 2y
BeckyD I had a great time. The next one is on my sister's birthday, so I won't get to read much that day. 2y
APLitlife I will be able to do the next one! Too much grading this weekend. Unless grading essays counted! 2y
Ubookquitous Great job running it! 2y
the_fandoms_being_weird_again This seems really fun! Is there a website or signup I need to fill out? 2y
24in48 @the_fandoms_being_weird_again The next readathon will take place in July. Check out 24in48.com for more info. 2y
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