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Here is the first part of our schedule for #CampLitsy!

We will discuss the first half of How High We Go In The Dark on June 4th, then the remainder on June 11th.

Then the first half of True Biz will be June 18th, and the second half on June 25th.

I‘m excited to be your host for June, alongside @BarbaraBB and @Megabooks !

Look out for their posts later today with the remainder of the schedule.

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Chelsea.Poole These are actually the two I‘ve already read so I‘m feeling ahead of the game. Rare! 😆 But these are both excellent books and I think we will have plenty to discuss. 3mo
Caroline2 Oh my! Both of these sound soooo good! 😯 great choices!! 😃 3mo
batsy Oh, great! I'm looking forward to this. Thanks so much 😊 3mo
Emilymdxn So excited to join in! I‘ll run and get a copy on my lunch break 3mo
BarbaraBB I have already read How High but am looking forward to True Biz. I‘ll try get my copy during lunch break too! 3mo
Cinfhen Exciting line up but I‘m already sure I can predict which one will be my preferred winner 😁Looking forward 3mo
jlhammar Perfect! The two I happen to own already to kick things off. Recently finished True Biz and was planning to start How High soon anyhow. Can't wait! 3mo
rockpools Exciting! Will go shopping 😁 3mo
Laughterhp Going to have to try and find a copy of true biz! It‘s super popular at my library so might need to buy this one! 😁 3mo
vivastory Great 👍 I just checked out How High We Go from the library 3mo
Oryx Excellent! 3mo
squirrelbrain Ooh, you are *so* ahead of the game @Chelsea.Poole 🤣 Good to know there‘s lots of discussion to be had! 3mo
squirrelbrain @Caroline2 @batsy @Oryx - looking forward to some fantastic reading! 3mo
squirrelbrain I think I might know mine too @cinfhen, but I haven‘t read either yet so we‘ll see! 3mo
squirrelbrain @Emilymdxn @BarbaraBB @rockpools @Laughterhp - always happy to enable a bit of book shopping! 3mo
squirrelbrain That‘s really lucky @jlhammar - what did you think of True Biz? 3mo
squirrelbrain @vivastory - looking forward to our discussion! 3mo
squirrelbrain Tagging you @cariashley as I missed you off - apologies! 3mo
jlhammar @squirrelbrain I really enjoyed True Biz. A good one for discussion, I think. It will be interesting to see where the group lands between these two! 3mo
Ruthiella Excellent! I‘m picking both up today from the library. 😃 3mo
sarahbarnes Excited for both of these! I‘m on long waitlists at the library for both, but I‘m actually getting another library card this weekend for the town next door and hoping their waitlists are shorter! 3mo
squirrelbrain It will be very interesting to see! @jlhammar 3mo
squirrelbrain Glad that your library has both @Ruthiella Hopefully your neighbouring library will have them @sarahbarnes 3mo
Kdgordon88 A great start. I already have both books so am ready for 🏕 💜 3mo
sarahbellum I‘m going to try to join in for True Biz! Adding myself to all the library waitlists now 🙃 3mo
squirrelbrain @sarahbellum Glad to have you join! Can we add Sarah onto the tag list please? @Megabooks 3mo
squirrelbrain That‘s great that you have both books already! @Kdgordon88 3mo
Megabooks @squirrelbrain absolutely! Welcome to camp @sarahbellum ! 🏕😁 3mo
Hooked_on_books Nice! I‘ve read these two (liked both), so hopefully I‘ll remember enough when discussion time comes around! 3mo
sarahbellum Thank you, @Megabooks! 🤗 3mo
MrsV Just checked out How High We Go in the Dark, and placed a hold for True Biz. Fingers crossed I get it in time we read that one. (edited) 3mo
squirrelbrain Fingers crossed indeed! @MrsV 3mo
squirrelbrain Glad you liked them both Holly @Hooked_on_books - looking forward to discussions! 3mo
Cathythoughts 👍🏻👍🏻 thanks Helen ! 3mo
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