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Nanny: a powerful and emotional novel about passion and sacrifice from bestselling author Charlotte Bingham | Charlotte Bingham
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Fans of Louise Douglas, Dinah Jeffries and Kristin Hannah will love this powerful and heart-wrenching Edwardian saga by the million copy and Sunday Times bestselling author Charlotte Bingham. "Charlotte Bingham's spellbinding novel is required reading" - COSMOPOLITAN "Excellent stuff" -- COMPANY "What a wonderful book-- I am feeling totally wrung out with emotion and I didn't want it to ever end." -- ***** Reader review "Such an enchanting story...Nanny is a rich and memorable character you will carry in your memory once you finish the last page." -- ***** Reader review "I have read most of Charlotte Bingham books and am never disappointed." -- ***** Reader review ******************************************************************************* CAN PASSION AND SACRIFICE EVER SIT COMFORTABLY TOGETHER? 1907: Beautiful and spirited, Grace Merrill seems to stand with the world at her feet until, quite unexpectedly, a family tragedy obliges Grace to enter a life in service at Keston Hall. It is a world of sadistic housekeepers, drunken butlers and genuine hardship and drudgery for those employed in servicing the few. She soon, however, discovers that she has another talent when, through the merest chance, she manages to escape from the kitchen to work as the family nanny. Here she learns to love Lady Lydiard's children as her own and revel in the isolated world of the nursery. As time passes and war looms and change reaches out to touch the Hall, Grace grows to become not just the touchstone of the children's lives but in essence the mistress of the house itself. Amidst all this, she has met the love of her life: Brake Merrowby. But is he the right man to give her the personal fulfilment she craves?
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I found a new great writer - Charlotte Bingham. Her book Nanny is a vivid and panoramic picture of England in the early twentieth century with the order, political moves and drastic changes in society after the First World War, the sinking of the Titanic, the revolution in Russia and the Irish liberation struggle.Very strong and descriptive novel! 544 pages of purely spiritual and emotional experience with multi-layered and realistic characters!

Nanny (Revised) | Charlotte Bingham
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Started this today, which was a recent Kindle deal. I‘m already ticked off at most of the characters other than the already put -upon MC. She is interesting and sympathetic, but pretty most of the others have me wanting to either punch them or give them a good shake. Not what I would call an auspicious start.