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All about Me.
All about Me. | Philipp Keel
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All about Me. | Philipp Keel
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Today our daycare update had me grinning ear to ear.
#raisereaders #BeckettsBooks

BookNAround Too cute. 5d
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All about Me. | Philipp Keel
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#litsylove @Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks

I've tried to do 20 different things about me as I've done this before.

Re #20 - stationEry is for Envelopes etc whereas a train is stationAry at a station!

JennyM Clever mum! I‘m going to borrow that with my 9 year old (& fully credit your Mum, of course 😉) 4mo
Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks Well crap I think I‘ve been spelling it wrong for years!! 😫🤭🤫🤣 4mo
TrishB I say that to everyone about statione(a)ry !! 4mo
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TrishB Great list 💜 4mo
Sarah24 I'm stealing #20 - fab tip! 4mo
squirrelbrain I do the Envelope, but I do cAr pArk instead for stationAry. 4mo
mellissimo I also have a phobia of needles. I regularly faint at the doctors. But I try to tell myself that it's not a sign of weakness to faint, but a sign of strength to go there and let it get done anyway ;) 4mo
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All about Me. | Philipp Keel
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While I was away from Litsy, a lot of newbies followed me! So, hello, there! I‘m Daria. Here are #20thingsaboutme.

Please say hello. I‘ve followed so many folks who disappear so I‘d love to hear from you (and hope you stick around)!

kamoorephoto You are super interesting!!! I love all of this!!! 😽💓 5mo
Grrlbrarian Super cool! What was the topic of your Internet radio show? Was it Books? 😉 5mo
Beatlefan129 Is Tom Hanks really as nice as he seems? 5mo
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dariazeoli @Beatlefan129 Yes! I was so worried about drawing attention and taking up his time, but I think he would‘ve chatted longer if I hadn‘t kept it short! 5mo
dariazeoli @Grrlbrarian I played music! Sometimes I‘d do themes. I think my last show was “more cowbell” 😁 5mo
dariazeoli @kamoorephoto Thank you! I often think I‘m boring! 5mo
MaleficentBookDragon Those are some intetesting facts. It's great to get to know you more. Welcome back! 5mo
eri.reads Great idea to get to know u Daria! I've been away from Litsy for a bit too. I'll post one of these as well if u don't mind. 😁 I agree, interesting facts. 🤗 5mo
LogiKitty this is amazing 💖 hi again! 5mo
dariazeoli @MaleficentBookDragon Thank you! ❤️ 5mo
dariazeoli @eri.reads Sure! It wasn‘t my idea originally, so feel free 😉 5mo
dariazeoli @LogiKitty Hi there 👋🏻 5mo
kamoorephoto @dariazeoli You‘re obviously pretty rad, Miss Daria 💗 5mo
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All about Me. | Philipp Keel
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Thank you @sudi for tagging me to play this game. It turned out to be a bit harder than I expected. 😂 So here are 20 facts about little ol' me. I'm also supposed to tag some friends to keep it going. I'm tagging @Chelleo @Kelly_the_Bookish_Sidekick @readordierachel @allureofbeauty and @Wellreadhead thank you guys bunches for following the new kid. 😉 #20ThingsAboutMe

Kelly_the_Bookish_Sidekick Some interesting stuff here. Thanks for sharing and helping the pitbulls. I'll start putting mine together. (PS...no need to thank me. We were all the new kid once. ) 7mo
SmartSassery @Kelly_the_Bookish_Sidekick Thank you still. 😉 I can't wait to read yours. 7mo
sudi @SmartSassery this is a great list, thanks for playing. I'm very shy too, glad to know there are people out who are just as shy 😊🙌 7mo
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SmartSassery @sudi Introverts unite! Seperatly. In our own homes. 😂 7mo
sudi @SmartSassery 😂😂😂 7mo
readordierachel Mortuary Science! How did you get into that? 7mo
SmartSassery @readordierachel 😂 I was a veterinary medicine major realized quite quickly how expensive college was and that I needed to figure out something else. I knew I did not want to treat humans so I picked embalming (they don't talk). I really liked the job but you cannot embalm while pregnant and once I had my daughter the crazy hours just didn't work anymore. 7mo
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All about Me. | Philipp Keel
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Sorry this is so late. #20ThingsAboutMe Thank you @MrBook for the tag.

mdhughes72 #4. Also a transplant. 7mo
MrBook 😁👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 7mo
MrBook You, me, and @BookBabe have some things in common. 😎🙌🏻 7mo
Sungirl79 @MrBook and @BookBabe Great minds think alike🙌 7mo
BookBabe 😊🙌🏻 7mo
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All about Me. | Philipp Keel
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mabell Congrats on being a new aunt! 7mo
LibrarianRyan Yeah. If your husbands name is Sheldon, I will die forever happy. 🤓🤓 7mo
Morr_Books @mabell Thanks!!💕 7mo
Morr_Books @LibrarianRyan Lol..sadly it is not but that is one of our favorite shows 7mo
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All about Me. | Philipp Keel
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Stacy_31 I feel so honored to make your list!! 💜💜💜 I don't even know what to say. I am so thankful that we met through Litsy. You keep me sane! 😂😂 7mo
CBee @Stacy_31 same ❤️❤️❤️ 😘😘😘 7mo
LibrarianRyan I share your lip balm addiction. I think I have six in drawer at work and an entire basket by my bed at home. 7mo
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Donald.Elbert @LibrarianRyan do they taste good? 7mo
LibrarianRyan @Trashcanman some yes. Some like EOS start out tasting good but by 3 months just taste like wax. My favs are Lipsmackers. I know they are for kids but they last a long time and the flavor never turns off. 7mo
CBee @LibrarianRyan Burt‘s Bees all the way. I love the pomegranate and the vanilla. 7mo
CBee @LibrarianRyan I think I‘m sort of a lip balm snob..... 7mo
jenniferajanes You number 2 matches mine! 📚 📖 🧒 7mo
CBee @jenniferajanes hooray! 😁😁😁😁 7mo
jenniferajanes @CBee Yes, and we‘re both still reading. Obviously, Sesame Street works! 😉 7mo
CBee @jenniferajanes oh absolutely!! Got me started and I never stopped ❤️❤️❤️ 7mo
jenniferajanes @CBee Me too! I also had trouble writing 20 things about myself, live in the South, and have a best friend I met online who lived (until recently) halfway across the country. We have met a handful of times in person now, and it was awesome! The first time I met her in person was when I was traveling to a conference alone. My kids were scared. “What if she‘s a serial killer?!” 😂 7mo
CBee @jenniferajanes wow! Such a small world. I actually met my BF on Litsy! 7mo
jenniferajanes @CBee That‘s awesome! 7mo
LibrarianRyan @CBee I have allergies and Burt‘s makes me break out. But I do like the flavor. 7mo
CBee @LibrarianRyan oh nooooo 😬 7mo
CBee @jenniferajanes I‘m super glad she didn‘t turn out to be a serial killer 😂😂 7mo
CBee @jenniferajanes what part of the South do you live in? 7mo
jenniferajanes @CBee 🤣🤣 Me too! I live on the Texas-Arkansas border. 7mo
Wife How did you meet your best friend?🌹 7mo
CBee @jenniferajanes ah ha! I‘m about 20 miles south of Birmingham AL. 7mo
CBee @Wife hi 👋🏻 I actually met her on Litsy. It‘s @Stacy_31 😁 7mo
Wife @CBee @Stacy_31 How lovely! I hope the two of you do get to meet someday 🌹 7mo
CBee @Wife I hope so too! ❤️❤️ 7mo
Lauram Yosemite might be my favorite national park. I can‘t wait to go back. 7mo
CBee @Lauram I hope to go back one day. And I‘d love to see Yellowstone and Glacier..... 7mo
Stacy_31 @CBee Yellowstone is nice, but I think you guys need to make a trip to Sequoia and King's Canyon. 😏😂😂 7mo
CBee @Stacy_31 hmmmmmm I wonder why 😂😂😂 7mo
Stacy_31 For the giant trees, of course. 😂😂😂 7mo
CBee @Stacy_31 I do love giant trees 🌲 AND SOMEONE NAMED STACY 😂😂😂 (edited) 7mo
Donald.Elbert @CBee @stacy it's Tracy Cydney. Tracy Hope 7mo
CBee @Trashcanman dude please, you didn‘t even tag the right STACY FAITH 😂😂😂 7mo
Donald.Elbert Oh fuck! Lmao well that @stacy knows her name is Tracy and so does @Stacy_31 whos spells it Tracey. You're slick! Ha! (I'm embarrassed) and that rarely happens. 7mo
CBee @Trashcanman I‘m dying 😂😂😂😂 7mo
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All about Me. | Philipp Keel
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It appears I‘m late to the party, so I tag anyone who hasn‘t done this yet & wants to!

nelehelen Obama! That‘s so awesome. And I‘d love to hear your harmonies 😊 especially with your piano. I learned piano when i was little but forgot everything! Been wanting to pick it up again... maybe I‘ll take your lead and teach myself?? 7mo
Kalalalatja That‘s a fun fact about your name 🙌 7mo
BookBabe 1: You‘re cute. ☺️ 6: Awesome!!! 7: Ok, I didn‘t guess that one! And I thought I was exotic. 😝 11: Even BILLS?!😱😱😱 I think that‘s the most shocking thing I‘ve heard in all my days. 😂 19: Lovely! And how fitting for your profession 😁🙌🏻 7mo
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JaclynW King at 8! 😬👍 Obama! Clinton! Yay! I love making lists too. 😊 7mo
Texreader So fun learning more about you. I love snail mail too, except junk mail, too! 7mo
Velvetfur Ummmm, might be a silly question but how do you make this picture?! This is why I haven't done this yet, I don't know how to make a pic with text on it, and that's small enough for Litsy! 7mo
LeahBergen Snail mail! 👏🏻👏🏻 7mo
batsy 10 is very cool! I regret stopping lessons when I was young and might do this yet... 😉 7mo
Chrissyreadit Yay Obama and Clinton!! 7mo
LauraBeth I still love 🐌💌 also 7mo
GatheringBooks ooooh! nice view at work! 😍 7mo
LibrarianRyan 😁👍🏻🤓 7mo
CaroPi That are impressive accomplishments! The closest thing I have to that is that once I had a coffee with Bill Clinton and didn't knew it was him. And I studied political science! (edited) 7mo
Avanders @nelehelen You can definitely teach yourself! And if you already know it, it‘ll come back to you pretty quickly too ☺️ @Kalalalatja 😁😘 @BookBabe lol thanks 😁😘♥️ and yes, even bills.... but not junk mail, it should be confessed. Bc it‘s not “real.” 😆 @JaclynW yeah... fortunately a lot of it didn‘t really sink in at that age! I read ridiculously fast back then... 😁 And yeah, it‘s funny how it worked out — neither was initiated by me! 🤷🏽‍♀️ 7mo
Avanders @Texreader 😘 And yeah, junk mail is definitely the exception 😬 That‘s why the #jb group was so enticing... unfortunately I was way too busy this past year and still have a bunch that I still need to respond to! 🤭 @Velvetfur so I added a blurb, clicked to add an image, picked one from my photos on my phone (this one is of the street in front of my house on a rarely foggy day), then clicked to “add text” and typed it in! ☺️ 7mo
Avanders @Booksnchill lol #lawyersunite #litsyjusticeleague 😉😉 @LeahBergen it feels so decadent ☺️☺️ @batsy I bet if you picked it up again, it will come back to you quickly! 🤗 @Chrissyreadit 🤘🏽The Clinton thing was actually kind of a big deal (I‘ll post a pic some day... I gave a speech on cnn/cspan, introducing him to a live crowd of ~35,000!) The Obama thing less impressive — I met him in college while he was running for state senate in IL 👇🏽 (edited) 7mo
Avanders A friend worked on his campaign (and stayed w him after law school — she was part of his presidential transition team! 😯) @LauraBeth it‘s always sooo fun to get something “real” 🤗🤗 @GatheringBooks it really is pretty amazing... I need to remember that more often!! 🗻 @CaroPi 😘😘 That‘s so cool about having coffee w him — he‘s shockingly down-to-earth ☺️☺️ 7mo
Velvetfur @Avanders Thank you so much, you make it sound easy! I'll give it a go 😊 7mo
readordierachel Great list! I am also half Norwegian (other half is Puerto Rican) 7mo
Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks I‘ve always wanted to learn piano 🎹❤️ 7mo
BethM You‘re married to a bear 😱I thought being married to a buc was bad 😂 7mo
Avanders @Velvetfur did it work for you? @readordierachel ooh, fun! 💁🏽‍♀️💁🏽‍♀️ @Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks it‘s not too hard... just start with 5 notes... you can learn 5! Everything stems from there 😉 @BethM lol right?! 🐻🤦🏽‍♀️ 7mo
Velvetfur @Avanders Yes it did, thanks! I posted it a few days ago, it's on my profile if you want to see, but I couldn't manage to do the writing-size very well, hehe 😊Lots of very interesting things in your list, by the way, I enjoyed reading it 👍 7mo
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All about Me. | Philipp Keel
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I thought I'd have a go at this since I've loved reading everyone elses.

Also this is my first practice at making a text post picture on litsy and its horrid but the next one will look better

All about Me. | Philipp Keel
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Kaye Great to meet you ♥️ 7mo
wanderinglynn I always considered myself a dog person too until I got my first cat when I graduated college! Now I have a cat & a dog. ☺️ 7mo
darklydreaming #14, #15, #19 & #20 - Ditto!! 😊 7mo
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LibrarianRyan ⭐️🤓👍 7mo
MissAmanda Absolutely on number 14!!!! I loveeee the feel and smell of a new book! 7mo
CoffeeNBooks I love Pixies! One of my favorite bands! 7mo
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All about Me. | Philipp Keel
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Carolyn11215 Narwhals are awesome! What‘s not to love about the unicorns of the sea??!! 7mo
LibrarianRyan Incan drive a stick too 7mo
Kaye Very cool you have 2 different colored eyes. The last OB DOC I had, had a blue and a green eye. 7mo
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Kelican17 @Carolyn11215 i know, right?!? 😍 (edited) 7mo
Kelican17 @LibrarianRyan it was not my favorite when I had to learn, but I love it now! 7mo
Kelican17 @kaye 😀💚💙😀 7mo
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All about Me. | Philipp Keel
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Thanks for the tag @DannyHattan.
What a great idea by @LibrarianRyan.
Here‘s my #20thingsaboutme

I tag my some of my newest followers: @jhullie @cweeeevs @hestapleton @HollyReynolds0 @Cathy_J @SitsWithaBook

LibrarianRyan 👍🏻😁🤓 7mo
Kaye Great to meet you ♥️ 7mo
Tanisha_A Elephants! 🙌🐘 7mo
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wanderinglynn Elephants! ❤️🐘 And 👋🏻 fellow Ravenclaw! 💙 7mo
readordierachel Awww elephants are wonderful 🐘 7mo
Christine Another California elephant lover here! ☀️🐘 7mo
Kristy_K @Christine 🙌🏻 🙌🏻 7mo
CoverToCoverGirl # 9 makes me sad 😞 7mo
Kristy_K @CoverToCoverGirl It makes me sad too! I constantly try to get them to read but so far no luck. 7mo
Cweeeevs Elephants are the best! 💕🐘 7mo
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All about Me. | Philipp Keel
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Thanks for the tag @wanderinglynn 😀
Tagging my 10 most recent followers and encouraging them to take part! @JNSibanda @LeoValiquette @hhavel @Emilymdxn @fangirl.way @Ewaterhouse28 @elyseh @Cortg @Britteey @allibhill

wanderinglynn 🖖🏻 ☺️ 7mo
Ruthiella @wanderinglynn Live long and prosper! 7mo
monalyisha I also have strong Kraft mac & chz beliefs. Spiral-shaped or go home. 🧀🌀 7mo
See All 12 Comments
Ruthiella @monalyisha It‘s the one hold over from childhood that hasn‘t lost its chemically orange magic! 😍 7mo
JNSibanda Logic dictates that Star Trek is amazing. 7mo
Ruthiella @JNSibanda It is amazing in all it permutations! 😀 7mo
Kaye Nice to meet you. #. 3. Same. They smell good but too squishy. #. 8. ⭐️. # 16 What‘s the most money you found at one time ? (edited) 7mo
Ruthiella @kaye $10 is the highest one time amount found dog walking! Glad to meet a fellow Dickens fan😀. 7mo
thebluestocking I love crossword puzzles and alphabetizing too!! Are the crosswords the main motivation for the morning paper? I love doing crosswords on newspaper, but now I do everything on the NYT Crosswords app. 7mo
Ruthiella @thebluestocking I figured you would like to alphabetize since your list mentioned organizing. And yes my main motivation for the paper is the word jumble and Dear Abby plus the crossword!😊 7mo
wolfsblood Deep Space 9 😍 6mo
Ruthiella @wolfsblood The best! Sisko! Jax! Quark! Et al! 😍 6mo
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All about Me. | Philipp Keel
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Thanks @LibrarianRyan for the tag! ☺️

And 👋🏻 to some of my new followers: @Ruthiella @MandellaL @hhavel @fangirl.way @allibhill @AmandaLeigh15 @kaitlynvazquez3404 @holdmybookmark @gemmorrr @Momreviews

This is a good way to introduce yourselves. So feel free to play along!

LibrarianRyan Okay I need an explanation. I‘m too lazy to look it up. #17. 7mo
Crazeedi Very awesome list 7mo
TheDaysGoBy Professional student? I‘ve often had the same thought. I love to learn and could‘ve stayed in college forever - you know if there weren‘t exams, papers, and grades to worry about 😂 I really miss being a student in a lot of ways 7mo
See All 16 Comments
wanderinglynn @LibrarianRyan multipotentialite is a person who has many different interests and creative pursuits in life. I wrote a blog post on it if you‘re interested ☺️ http://wanderinglynn.com/2017/08/16/i-am-a-multipotentialite/ 7mo
wanderinglynn Thanks @Crazeedi ☺️ 7mo
wanderinglynn @TheDaysGoBy Yeah, exams & grades get in the way. 😂 7mo
goodbyefrancie #13...same. 22 years for me. I'd love to tell you it gets better, but... 7mo
wanderinglynn @goodbyefrancie I know it never gets better. In fact, I recently wrote a blog post about death & grief. But it‘s important to talk about it. 💜 7mo
Ruthiella Thanks for the tag! I would be a professional student too if I could afford it.🤓 7mo
Kaye Great to learn more about you. ♥️ 7mo
Crazeedi I just told someone yesterday I wish I could be a professional student 😊 7mo
wanderinglynn @kaye thank you ☺️ 7mo
wanderinglynn @Crazeedi 🙌🏻 If only. Right? 😉 7mo
rohit-sawant Wonderful post! 7mo
wanderinglynn Thank you @rohit-sawant ☺️ 7mo
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All about Me. | Philipp Keel
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1. Brave
2. Don't think I've ever tried...
3. Inkheart really did the novel wrong...
4. Work #ThatTeacherLife

nu-bibliophile Brave💖 8mo
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All about Me. | Philipp Keel
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🎨 Grey, grass green, turquoise 🎨

🌞 Summer 🏖

📚 Memoirs, Satire, Alternative History 📖

🌺 Gardening, Quilting 🌻

🍐 Pears, Ginger Snaps, Pretzels 🥨

☕️ Coffee, Mojitos, Craft Beer 🍺

🛍 Totes 👜

I tag @readinginthedark ...hope you have not already been taggged!

readinginthedark I haven't! Sorry I'm just now responding, but challenge accepted! 1y
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All about Me. | Philipp Keel
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1) I LOVE cover art but actually prefer my books in the nude.
2) I don‘t have a porch but if I did I would also have a rocking chair or swing and the answer would be YES!
3) Chapter finisher for sure.
4) Yes.
5) Mhm


SilversReviews I take off my covers when I read, but I LOVE seeing those gorgeous covers when I first spy a book. Thanks for playing. 1y
Elle_Skeldon @SilversReviews this was fun! And I am the same way. I am a sucker for a stunning cover! 1y
SilversReviews @Elle_Skeldon Thanks...I am glad you enjoyed it. Thanks for stopping back. 1y
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All about Me. | Philipp Keel
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This is fun 🤔🤗🙃 #gettingtoknowyou

Color: 😈♌️💜

Season: 🍂🎃🍁🦃

Genre: Literary fiction & Crime/Mystery 📚👀🕵🏻‍♀️

Hobby: 🎱🤸🏼‍♀️🎹

Snack: 🍿🍿🍿

Drink: ☕️🍻🥃

Bookish item: 📓 book journal (Moleskine)


All about Me. | Philipp Keel
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Not new so much as inactive for a long period of time. 1. Washington, USA 2. Fantasy 3. The Cruel Prince, by Holly Black 4. Cheesecake 5. Do Four children aged 16, 13, 10, & 8, and a flock of chickens for eggs outside count? #LitsyWelcomeWagon

Kaye Thanks for replying. It sounds like you have a busy life with your kids and chickens 🐓 😁 1y
Autumnscribe @Kaye I do indeed! Lol. In my spare time I read, and work on a novel that after seven years of writing, rewriting, tinkering, and procrastination is almost ready....only five more chapters left to buff up. 1y
Kaye Good for you ! Give a shout out when your book is done so we all know to search for it. 👍🏼 1y
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All about Me. | Philipp Keel
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I love reading about everyones #litsyavatar stories. I wanna join! My picture is from Halloween a couple years ago. I was taking a pic of my orange and black nails to match my orange shirt, which is how I showed my spirit at work instead of wearing a costume. Im pretty self conscious so I like pics where my face is covered 🙄

readordierachel Love the nails! 2y
Libby1 You‘re lovely. Aren‘t we all silly to be self-conscious? I have a terrible problem with this, too. I always know what to say to others and what I believe to be true (that we‘re all uniquely beautiful), but I have a difficult time practicing what I preach. 💕 2y
Chelleo Cute nails!! My aunt was the same way. We have so many more pics of her covering her face than without. 2y
CaliforniaCay @Libby1 thanks 😀 and I know what ya mean, things like that are always esier to say to other people than they are to tell ourselves! 2y
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All about Me. | Philipp Keel
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All about Me. | Philipp Keel
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KathyWheeler I‘m a librarian too. 2y
BookishTrish Me too! And I love hippos! 2y
Chelleo @KathyWheeler @BookishTrish yay! Lots here. What area? I‘m an academic librarian for a regional/community college. I started out in public libraries though. Love and miss them. 2y
Chelleo @BookishTrish Ever since our little Fiona was born I‘ve been trying to convince my hubby to get us a baby hippo. He says, “No, they‘re terrible and terrifying beasts that will kill you the first chance they get!” 😩😩😩 (edited) 2y
KathyWheeler @Chelleo I‘m also an academic librarian in a public university. My first library job was also in a public library— it‘s what made me decide to be a librarian. They sure are different atmospheres! 2y
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All about Me. | Philipp Keel
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💡 office manager, 🕉 yoga, 🐼 pandas, 🍊 orange, 🍟 french fries, ☕ coffee, 🌹 pink roses, 🍁 fall, ⚡Harry Potter
#LitsyLoveList Thanks, @hermyknee 😊

All about Me. | Philipp Keel
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1. Earl Grey tea
2. Whatever keeps my feet warm
3. First snow is my current favorite but I love lavender scented items
4. Dark chocolate & sea salt
5. Christmas music

All about Me. | Philipp Keel
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1. Hot chocolate (especially with mint!) and I love tea.
2. Socks of all kinds!
3. I'm not a big candle user but subtle scents if I use them
4. Rolos (chocolate +caramel)
5. Washi tape and other supplies for bullet journaling

MinDea You should try snappers. Target sells them. Chocolate, caramel and pretzels! 2y
JamieArc @MinDea I finally picked up some snappers at Target and am about to indulge 😁 2y
MinDea Oooohhhhh... I hope you like them! We LOVE them! 2y
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JamieArc @MinDea I do! I may have a new favorite snack 😊 2y
MinDea They are addicting! If you are a costco member you can get a larger bag there! 2y
JamieArc We actually just got a Costco in Lansing not even a month ago! Trouble! 2y
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All about Me. | Philipp Keel
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#allaboutme2017 #secretsantagoespostal #wintersolsticebookexchange
🌲fuzzy socks
🌲love scents, but rest of family cannot handle scents so no candles please.
🌲shells, stones, postcards, bookmarks, pens
@BarbaraTheBibliophage Thanks for reminders to post these to help out Litten who was matched with me! 😊

BarbaraTheBibliophage It‘s my pleasure. I have a few to catch up on also. It‘s taken me a week to figure out my top five book request! 2y
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All about Me. | Philipp Keel
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☕️peppermint latte or chai tea latte
Warm fuzzy socks
🕯vanilla and cinnamon
🍫any chocolate - no coconut
No collections, but I‘m Ravenclaw.

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All about Me. | Philipp Keel
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1. It depends on my mood! But right now I could go for a sweet latté~
2. Fuzzy socks. Gotta keep them tootsies warm at all times!
3. They always smell different when they're lit, and usually transform into a scent I don't like. But probably something baked goods themed 💕
4. Pretty much anything Kinder.
5. Stationary 😬 and Animal Corssing Amiibo cards (or at least, trying to).


TK421 You are right about candles. They never smell as good when lit. Ocean breeze turns into burning aftershave. 2y
HelloImJez @TK421 Hahaha that's so true! I think the only ones I've ever had that have actually smelt how they were supposed to when lit were a cucumber and melon one and a vanilla cupcake one! 2y
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All about Me. | Philipp Keel
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1. Coffee, Hot Chocolate, Hot apple Cider, Mulled wine, Feuerzangenbowle, tea. Oh, all of it.
2.Def cozy slippers
3. I don‘t know, Cinnamon?
4. All the chocolate. But especially mint.
5. Books.

All about Me. | Philipp Keel
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1. Coffee and tea either one
2. Warm Fuzz Socks
3. A like them all but nothing to strong
4. Hersey, M&M , Skittles
5. Button pins and mugs
#allaboutme2017 @Clwojick

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1. Coffee!!! Every single morning :)
2. BOTH! Must have both always!
3. Pumpkin spice during fall and cedar/pine during winter, vanilla all other times
4. Compartes chocolate- fancy chocolate made here in LA!
5. Books, mugs, yarn, and someday cats! 😜


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1 ~ Coffee!
2 ~ Warm fuzzy socks for sure!
3 ~ The Autumn one by Bath & Body Works. I don‘t remember the name of it!
4 ~ Reese‘s
5 ~ Books! Always books❤️

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I probably average 4 to 5 books a month. My GR challenge is 60 books this year, and since I'm at 50 now, I should make it. Genre I avoid is horror. Any bookmark will do, but paint chips make colorful ones. Never counted, clearly in the hundreds! More!! Random fact: I'm a certified soccer referee (retired).

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1. This was the waterfall we saw today!
2. I am most looking forward to (and terrified of!) starting my new jobs. I am a school counselor at TWO sites!
3. Something salty. Anything involving cheese.
4. I really enjoy getting up early and feeling productive first thing. My partner does not. Our weekends are filled with compromise!
5. Dunkirk. But I just bought us tickets to see Ingrid Goes West when we get home. And also Detroit looks 🙌🏻.

TrishB Great pic 👍 2y
Yournewfriendsams Omg how are y'all the cutest ever 💞 2y
batsy So lovely! And yes to anything salty and with cheese 🧀 2y
DivineDiana Love! (edited) 2y
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1. I'm 24
2. I feel like I'm 20
3. BA in Celtic studies
4. Getting my MA in Ancient studies
5. I hate graphic novels
6. I am restless and easily bored
7. Which means I can't read for more than 1 or 2 hours in one go
8. Together with my BF since I was 18
9. My favourite music genre is grunge
10. Fav. book genre is fantasy
11. I met my boyfriend on World of Warcraft
12. I am a museum tour guide
13. Want to own a bookshop

I-read-and-eat 14. I had the biggest celebrity crush on Anthony Kiedis ( still do a bit ) 15. As a result I'm instantly attracted to men named Anthony 16. My boyfriend 's name is not Anthony 17. ❤ red wine and gin tonic 18. Mostly drink tea though 19. I have always wanted to be a wils child but am actually quite boring 20. I am ok with boring now 2y
scripturient Number 16 👍🏻😂😂😂 2y
Kalalalatja I am so with you on number 17 🙋 2y
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laurenbescoby You have my dream job! Although owning a bookshop does come a close second! X 2y
Foragingfantasy 5. I think I do too. 2y
BarbaraBB Oh man... you are me! Totally agree on 5, 6, 7 and especially 14... and 15 and 16 😍. I still have that crush... don't like the moustache though! (edited) 2y
TheBookselvesOfMillie I'm doing a Classics masters too!! 🎉🎉💪🏻💪🏻 2y
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43yrs old
2 adult children and one HS senior (all girls!)
About to be a grandma
Married to my bff
60% blind in one eye
Love animals
Wish I could have more animals!
Work w/ children with autism
Love coffee!
Collects Dean Koontz
Love murder suspense and horror books
Hate horror films
Spiced rum and Coke 😋yum
Lived in Ohio
Despise snow
Moved to AZ
Love mountains
And sunsets
Don't watch tv
Will never turn down a cupcake


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1. I can speak 4 different languages 2. I love taking photographs 3. Italian food is the best! 4. I have a BA in History 5. I love dogs 🐶 6. I did a charity skydive this year ✈️ 7. Julia Roberts is my favourite actress 8. Shopping ❤️🛍 9. Family is super important to me

Nikki15 10. I hate sweet corn 🌽 11. I have a weird crush on Gordon Ramsay 😂 12. I love to scrapbook 13. Red pandas are super cute 14. I wanted to be a journalist when I was younger 15. I go to the theatre all the time 🎭16. Afternoon tea is my favourite meal 🍰 17. I love a cocktail 18. I wish I could play the piano 🎹19. I love singing!! 20. Would love to travel everywhere 🌎 2y
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👓I am 35 years old
👓single mom
👓Man Cub is 9
👓I have 1 older brother (married w/1 child)
👓I can't stand 🍉 the actual fruit or the flavor.
👓I was born in Texas but raised in Michigan
👓We have 3 cats, but only 1 lives in our house (the other 2 are with my parents right now)
👓My favorite place in the world is Barcelona
👓ampersands are fantastic and I collect them
👓I am the absolute black sheep of my family

OrangeMooseReads 👓my favorite flowers are calla lilies 👓my favorite animals are 🐢. 👓I've always want to visit Ireland 👓I mostly listen to country music. 👓 I have 2 degrees, an associate in arts and a BA in English 👓I have terrible anxiety 👓the people I call my parents are my mom and stepdad 👓 I love hockey and baseball 👓 I prefer to be alone 👓I can't stand extra noise (edited) 2y
mom2bugnbee I love your fact about ampersands! 2y
erinreads I love ampersands too! I also really love the word ampersand. 💕 2y
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OrangeMooseReads @erinreads it is a fantastic word @mom2bugnbee 😁 2y
Bklover Black Sheep - me too!! 2y
OrangeMooseReads @Bklover woo black sheep unite! 2y
[DELETED] 3803335244 I 💚 🐢!!! Great facts 2y
Sydsavvy I hate 🍉 and love Barcelona, too! 💃🏻❣️ 2y
L_auren I hate 🍉 too! 2y
mrozzz Ampersands!!! I used the word as a description the other day because it was in someone's wifi password and they didn't know what I was talking about. 2y
Merethebookgal Ireland is high on my travel wishlist! 2y
britt_brooke We are the same age. 😁 2y
syasutake At this moment I'm sitting in a little garden with six turtle sculptures of varying sizes! 🐢 2y
4thhouseontheleft I'm a black sheep too. And so was my birth mother. ☺️ 2y
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8. I only drink milk if it's been 1st used for Oreos/cereal
9. I have an Imagination Room (see below)
10. My non-fiction writing has been published
11. I've been called a 📚 hoarder
12. I've run a RL book group for >13 years
13. I ❤️ Christmas & wrapping paper w/ fervor
14. I'm Christian
15. I ❤️ tea, coffee & cocoa
16. I also hoard socks
17. I bake
18. I don't like summer; I do like winter!
19. Fall & 🎃 everything
20. I'm a pluviophile ⛈🌧🌩🌫

monkeygirlsmama I won't even drink the milk if it's been used for cereal. I dump it down the drain, give it to my daughter, or sneak it to a cat. 😆 2y
CoffeeCatsBooks I ❤️#8! 2y
Avanders @monkeygirlsmama I can understand that 😁 My car won't drink it, so that's not an option for me ... 😜 2y
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Avanders @CoffeeCatsBooks 😄🚫🥛 2y
Avanders Oops I forgot to #20factsaboutme 2y
tpixie Lol #1. I've promised myself I'd only eat Oreos if they were dunked and milk! Got to eat them the right way or not at all! 2y
Avanders @tpixie lol that sounds like a good promise! 😁 2y
Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks I don't use milk if it's one day past the expiration!!! 😳 (edited) 2y
Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks And that's the only way I drink milk too!! 2y
Debiw781 Football season is fun in your house 😂😂 I'm a 49ers fan and my husband is a rabid Cowboys fan so it used to get really interesting at our house 2y
Avanders @Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks oh heavens no, past expiration date and it's gone! 😁 Nice to know I'm not alone out here 😜 2y
Avanders @Debiw781 I especially love when the packers play the bears.. it's fun to watch him get so worked up 😁 (we each happen to be from the actual cities of the teams.. Green Bay & Chicago). Oh I bet your house was interesting!! It'll get interesting again, no doubt.. 😉 2y
elkeo_TheBookDragon Pluviophiles unite! (edited) 2y
Avanders @elkeo 🤘🏽🤘🏽🤘🏽 2y
Jess7 I would love to meet Bill Clinton and Barack Obama... and HRC too! #imSTILLwithher 😜 2y
Avanders @Jess7 Bill was just as charming as you'd expect... Obama was exhausted.. I had a friend working on his state senate campaign way back when and met him after a long day of campaigning ☺️. I would also love to meet HRC! 2y
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2. We've been here 18 years--longest I've ever lived in one place by far!
3. Favorite breakfast--I'm not a big breakfast person, so French toast or donuts?
4. I'm a night owl, so my favorite time for everything is nighttime!
5. We have one dog, a Papillon named Oliver.

howjessreads 18 years is ages!! Longest I've lived anywhere is 6 years. 🙂 2y
CindyMyLifeIsLit @jess.how I know! My record before this house is 5 years. 2y
Smangela Yessss donuts 😍 2y
CindyMyLifeIsLit @Smangela Yeah, I'm all about good nutrition! 😜 2y
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I moved to Binghamton NY last year for a new job.
My favorite breakfast is waffles (just call me Leslie Knope) ANYTIME of the day.
I read whenever I can. Sometimes work gets in the way.
I have three 🐱 Persephone, Harpy, and Hades.

howjessreads Yay waffles! And yay Leslie Knope. 🙂 2y
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1. Post a pic of your house: when we were shuttered up in anticipation of a hurricane last October 2. How long have you lived where you live? 28 years😄 3. What's your favorite breakfast? Avocado toast 4.what time of day do you read most often? Afternoon, probably 5. Do you have any pets? Not now. Hubby allergic to cats, and we lost 2 sweet greyhounds, still dealing with that. #friYAYintro

howjessreads 28 years, wow!! 2y
Scurvygirl I lost my greyhound 2 years ago😿. She was the sweetest. I tried to rescue another but there was something wrong with her and they had to take her back. It was devastating. So sorry for your loss. 💜💜💜 2y
Eyelit 💜💜💜 2y
Lynnsoprano @Scurvygirl Greyhounds are just so sweet. I feel your pain 💜 2y
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Since we're spending all this time together, here's more about me. #litsyquestions @GypsyKat
1. 10 hours/week on average
2. Print
3. Historical fiction & YA
4. Non-fiction
5. Poor editing
6. The escape from reality
7. I wish my friends/family read more so I could discuss books with them.

drokka Oh, I like your confession. 2y
Lcsmcat Poor editing will cause me to bail pretty quickly. If the author and editors didn't spend time on it, why should I? 2y
GypsyKat I'm with you on your confession! 2y
SilversReviews We have the same answer about escaping. :) 2y
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This is actually from senior year of high school last year, but I look exactly the same lol

Hobbies: reading, writing, basketball
Drink: sweet tea
Food: steak and mac n' cheese
Color: red and black
City: Pigeon Forge
Dream house location: anywhere with lots of space
Accessory: book
Tv show: Charmed
Last theater movie: Wonder Woman
Currently reading: To many books to list 😅

(Btw I'm 18. I get told I look younger)

jenniferw88 I know that feeling! I'm 27 but waiters abroad don't think I'm old enough to drink alcohol! 2y
Malisa @jenniferw88 lol I constantly get asked if I'm 13 😂 2y
monkeygirlsmama Ooooh Charmed, there's a show I haven't seen I years. I need to schedule a rewatch party. 2y
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Malisa @monkeygirlsmama lol it's the only tv show I continually watch 2y
CouronneDhiver I'm 30 but I always get ID'd. Lol Some girls have all the luck (we'll be grateful at 40) 2y
Laura317 Is that Temple the one in Knoxville, TN? Just curious. Our kids love Pigeon Forge (go carts). It's a fun city. 2y
tournevis @CouronneDhiver I'm 46 and I still get IDd. It's annoying at this point, really. Especially when "eminent colleagues" who have known me for 20+ years still mistake me for a grad student.... 2y
MicheleinPhilly @CouronneDhiver I'm going to be 40 in a few months and I still get carded. Makes my day. ☺️ 2y
Malisa @CouronneDhiver @tournevis @MicheleinPhilly The struggle is real but also great 2y
Malisa @Laura317 No, it's Temple from Rockingham, N.C. 😀 2y
charissharpe Oh I used to love Charmed! Phoebe was my favourite 2y
Malisa @conversationswithcharis Phoebe is my favorite too ❤️ 2y
charissharpe She's kickass 😉 @Malisa 2y
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All about Me. | Philipp Keel
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Fave Hobby: Reading 📖
Fave Drink: Coffee ☕️ & Gin & Tonic
Fave Food: Pasta 🍝
Fave Color: Purple
Fave City: Don't think I've visited it yet
Dream House Location: Near a beach where the temp never exceeds 80 degrees, with lots of lush plants and comfy places to read
Fave Accessory: Whatever tote bag I'm carrying
Fave TV show: Anything on ID
Last movie seen in a theater: Don't remember-Sad!
Currently Reading: Hunger

All about Me. | Philipp Keel
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Favorite hobby: 🎱🎱🎱

Favorite drink: 🍺🥃☕️

Favorite food: 🌮🥑🌮🧀🌮

Favorite color: 💟💜💟

Favorite city: 🏙🗽🚇🎭

Where would my dream house be: 🏡🌲🏔🗺

Favorite accesory: 🎧🎼💍💄

Favorite tv show: 🗃🖍📝📽📺👔💼🍸🍸🚬🚬🚬💰

Last movie in a theater: 🙈🙉🙊3

Currently reading: 👋🏻👋🏻👋🏻💊💊💊

Rachel.Rencher Is your favorite show Mad Men?! 2y
emilyhaldi @Rachel.Rencher I had the same thought! 2y
emilyhaldi Also, very impressed by your thorough use of emojis here 🙌🏻 2y
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AThousandLives87 I guess I need to do this don't I? 2y
mrozzz @Rachel.Rencher @emilyhaldi yes it is Mad Men!!! I had way too much fun with this. 2y
mrozzz @AThousandLives87 no pressure! But I had a good time picking emojis 😁 2y
AThousandLives87 @mrozzz I'm glad someone else picked up the emojis for Mad Men because I was at a loss. Lol. I just did mine. 😁. But not in emoji format. 2y
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All about Me. | Philipp Keel
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Hobby: Napping
Drink: ☕ in the am🍷in the PM
Food: anything with 🥑
Favourite city: Montreal
Dream house: on the water, somewhere in NS or NB
Favourite accessary: 👓🕶️
Favourite TV: currently, The Americans
Last Movie: Baby Driver
Currently reading: Impossible Views of the World, The Well of Loneliness

vivastory I wholeheartedly agree with your drink choices 2y
merelybookish @vivastory I do occasionally drink water too. 🙂 And sorry to miss meeting you in KC! But probably easier to coordinate some time when I don't have three kids with me. 2y
vivastory @merelybookish I completely understand. Hope you have a pleasant weekend. 2y
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EllieDottie Mmmm 🥑 is so good! 😋 2y
Suet624 Honestly, I think we might be twins. Napping. Baby Driver. Montreal. Avocado. 2y
batsy Your drink choices and hobby 👍😁 2y
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1. New York! On couch. In living room.
2. Can't remember 😕
3. The Notebook is my favorite movie. Cheesy but fabulous! I've never read the book though. Also The Last Unicorn. Tough question.
4. Yes. I have one now. A 35+year old box turtle named Chula that was surrendered to our rescue by a couple who couldn't keep her. She should be released into the wild but can't due to health issues so her and I are roomies for life now! 🐢#welcomelitten

saguarosally Over 35 years old! That turtle is nearly as old as I am! 2y
ReadingRover @saguarosally Crazy right! Same here! I'm 38. I'm just glad she's not older than me. 😂I feel like it would be really weird! Her previous owners were in their 80s and got her at a pet store before it became illegal to sell box turtles in NY. 2y
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Ooooh this looks fun!
1. West Palm Beach, FL 2. Wind-Up Bird Chronicle 3. Harry Potter 4. Kimi No Na Wa (Your Name) 5. Gilmore Girls 6. The Tallest Man on Earth 7. Green 8. History/Memoir 9. Felony Courtroom Clerk 10. #KittenLitten

Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks I bet your job is interesting 😳 2y
Jess7 Gilmore Girls!!! ❤️❤️ 2y
Billypar Good favorite book! I've put WBC in my top three before. 🐦 2y
Texreader Yikes! What a profession!! Good for you. Having had to dabble in criminal law when I clerked for a judge I knew I didn't have the stomach for it. 2y
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