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The Light After the War
The Light After the War | Anita Abriel
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In the bestselling tradition of THE GIRL FROM MUNICH and THE TATTOOIST OF AUSCHWITZ, an extraordinary tale based on the true story of how the authors mother survived World War II against all odds. In 1946 two young Hungarian refugees arrive in Naples determined to start a new life after losing everyone they loved before the war. Vera Frankel and her best friend, Edith Ban, are haunted by their terrifying escape from a train headed for Auschwitz after their mothers threw them from the carriage, promising they would follow. But instead the girls found themselves alone in a frozen, alien land. They managed to find refuge and barter for their lives by working on an isolated farm in Austria until the end of the war. Armed with a letter of recommendation from an American general, Vera finds work and new hope at the United States Embassy and, despite her best intentions, falls in love the handsome and enigmatic Captain Anton Wight. But as Vera and Edith grapple with the aftermath of the war, so too does Anton, and when he suddenly disappears, Vera is forced to drastically change course. Their quest to overcome their terrible losses and rebuild their lives takes Vera and Edith from Naples to Ellis Island to Venezuela and finally Sydney as they begin to build careers, reunite with old friends and find love. Heartbreakingly moving and compelling, THE LIGHT AFTER THE WAR is inspired by the story of the authors Holocaust survivor mother and her escape with her best friend from a train to Auschwitz. Praise for The Light After the War You will be swept away by this fast-paced, heartbreaking and hopeful tale of friendship, family, second chances and the enduring power of love, based on the true story of the authors mother in war-torn Europe. Kristin Harmel, bestselling author of The Room on Rue Amelie A heartfelt and memorable tale of family, love, resilience and the triumph of human spirit. Pam Jenoff, bestselling author of The Lost Girls of Paris
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#ARC #NETGALLEY A story inspired by true events. Best friends Vera and Edith find themselves on a train headed for Auschwitz and faced with a certain known death they literally leap into the unknown. The girls using their strength and fortitude manage to survive WWII and eventually find themselves in Italy. The story mostly focuses on the years post Holocaust when even though you‘ve survived the war, you‘re still struggling to survive day by day.

Hooked_on_books Have you noticed there are a lot of historical fiction covers with women on them looking away from the viewer? I find that interesting. 2mo
Cinfhen Hmmmm, now that you‘ve pointed it out it‘s so true. What‘s the hidden message? @Hooked_on_books I wonder?!?! 2mo
Hooked_on_books Looking into the past, maybe? 😉 2mo
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Soubhiville @Hooked_on_books @Cinfhen I‘ve noticed that too. It‘s a strange trend. 2mo
Crazeedi Sounds good 2mo
Aimeesue There also seems to be a trend for examining what happens to people after they've survived the horrors, which, tbh, I'm finding the afterstories more interesting than than the ones told during the crisis events. I just read Conjure Women, which deals with Reconstruction from a former slave's POV. Thought provoking. 2mo
mom2bugnbee Y'all are absolutely correct about the covers with ladies facing away. I posted about this very thing a while ago - they're everywhere! 2mo
Cinfhen I think you‘d like this one @Crazeedi and i agree @Aimeesue the “recovery” stories are just as compelling as the survival stories 2mo
Cinfhen They really are @mom2bugnbee @Soubhiville and they do seem to be popular trend with “woman‘s fiction”! 2mo
Cinfhen Interesting idea @Hooked_on_books I‘m sure the marketing team has their reasons/ I wonder what @LauraBeth thinks??? She seems to have a pulse in trending advertising 2mo
Crazeedi @Cinfhen thanks Cindy I'll definitely be checking it out!! 2mo
Reviewsbylola This sounds great and obviously the cover is gorgeous! 1mo
Cinfhen It‘s more good than great @Reviewsbylola / it was a little bit too much romance for me😝 1mo
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Sorry to all my cold ? weather ❄️ loving friends, but this is my type of November! 62°.

And, why yes, those are clean towels sitting on my bed waiting to be folded and put away. ??? my book and the sun were calling me! ☀️? #sunshinesandbooks

Scochrane26 I really need to move somewhere warmer. I don‘t like cold weather. 3mo
ljuliel Gosh that looks good. We had sun earlier today and I took a walk, but it was so cold I needed gloves 🧤🧤 3mo
Lifeisasnap @Scochrane26 I lived In warm for 25 years moved to cold last year. Such a shocker to my system. This week has been like loved one returning to me after a dark, dreary winter. Although next week we go back to the 40‘s. Even with this nice warmth during the day it‘s in the 20‘s at night. So, I‘m with you in the cold weather. Yuck! 3mo
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Lifeisasnap @ljuliel where do you live? This is only temporary for us. We will go back to cold and gloves next week. I‘m taking every advantage I can of the sun while I can! 3mo
ljuliel Ohio 3mo
Lifeisasnap @ljuliel that is equally as cold. I have family in Geneva. 3mo
ljuliel I think that‘s up north, isn‘t it ? Geneva on the Lake ? Enjoy that sunshine. 3mo
Lifeisasnap @ljuliel yes, it is. Thanks, it‘s dropping in temps on Sunday. 😬 3mo
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